19 thoughts on “March 29, 2022: Archer”

      1. I’m pretty sure I told the story here of Lew Ford jamming up the player lot exit (don’t know if that exists anymore). Led to Mauer and Blyleven (indirectly) autographs. I know I have Oliva as well.

        I wish I brought a ball, ran in to Carlos Correa, and asked him to sign “White Sox suck” so I could send it to my friend.

        1. Ha!

          I love hanging out by the practice fields before games. You get to see things like Tom Kelly standing around the outfield with a cigar in his mouth berating [fill in the outfielder] over their poor defensive play(s).

  1. Hi from New Britain! I'm at the Hospital for Special Care, Day 13, hoping to check out in two weeks.

    After the wounds from my ICU visit (60 days) at St. Francis have finally healed, i'm mostly doing PT and OT to learn to walk, do stairs, etc.

    NBBW visits me every night and we eat meals together (nice sense of normalcy).

    Looking forward to getting back to our house.

    1. Great to hear from you, NBB! Before you know it, you'll be throwing the ever-living fire out of the ball!

  2. I did not see that A-Stud had signed with the Marlins. He's 4-for-11 in spring training at this writing.

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