May 10, 2022: Bald Spot

Okay, so, I don't really have any desire to put down a weed killer or what have you on the lawn. Dandelions, whatever don't care, just keep it mowed. However, we have this one weird spot in the front yard. It's elevated from the immediate surrounding area by possibly an inch, likely less. However, for whatever reason, about 32ft² in that spot just loves to grow nothing but pure green grass. No idea why.

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  1. Sox winning streak ends in a wild way. Blow an 8-2 lead in the 9th. Naylor hits grand slam with two outs to tie off Hendriks. They trade 1's in the 10th and Cleveland throws out a runner at home to save the game. Then Naylor hits another homer in the 11th. 8 RBI for the man.

    Grateful for Twins bullpen at this moment

  2. I had to come into the office today to attend a town hall meeting where they will tell us we have to return to the office starting Monday and it sucks.

        1. Oh this was a doozy. The president of the company was in Stoughton to present this (he's normally in De Pere, WI). Our COO was also just fired and they brought in a guy from the Southfield, OH office. We knew it was coming, but they just sent the notice that the date it will be official is the 16th. They sent the notice on Friday. I straight up told them they made a mistake not allowing more flexibility (their plan is 3 days in office, 2 days home per week, can't be the same days every week. Flexibly my ass) because some of us have found we are more effective at home and was told that they had "hours of discussion" on this. Which is, of course, bs because they didn't even know many of us in the Stoughton office were still working from home, so sure, management discussed it but not with any of us.

          Someone else asked why they hired people to do some of these same jobs who are working 100% remote and why we're being "punished geographically", which I thought was a nice touch. The guy just kept saying they were "being flexible" and "sometimes you just need to talk face to face to solve problems". C-suite assholes can go to hell. Everyone on my team left the meeting mad, including my boss. My plan is to go in on Monday in case anyone does a "walk around" and then simply continue working from home, see what I can get away with since we are terribly short staffed.

            1. oh the job search is likely to commence. Also the reason we are extremely short staffed is because they are having a hard time getting serious candidates in to interview for the open positions, a fact told to me directly by the director of engineering. Why would you risk making it worse like this!?

  3. Sean or HJ, others, I have a game post for tonight and it looks like I need a table. Take a look at the post and see if you can fix what I have. Let me know if I need to put information in a different way.

      1. But he said that after exiting during the third inning of Sunday's 4-3 victory over the A's, his elbow feels "pretty similar" to what he felt when he sprained that ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) last September, ending his season.

        Schedule the surgery now.

    1. and really, its like 8:45 before they drop the puck.

      just because both teams are west of the Mississippi by less than a hundred inches doesnt make they west coast teams!

  4. Good news: someone in Tampa has claimed I tried to buy $599.14 in cryptocurrency from him back in March using PayPal and is annoyed that I haven't sent payment yet. I'm not entirely sure how this scam works...

  5. CC to DPWY - Thanks very much for the tickets, citizen. I thought for sure I was going to see my first at-the-ballpark no-hitter tonight the way Verlander was dealing. Frigging Urshela.

    1. You're welcome; glad you had fun.

      I've seen Verlander pitch five times, and he's 4-0 with a 2.08 ERA. He would have lowered his ERA to 1.69 if I had been there!

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