June 23, 2022: Ducks In A Row

You early risers can catch over half the solar system aligned in the eastern sky (with the moon stopping by to hang out). Better catch it, because the next chance is in 2040.

25 thoughts on “June 23, 2022: Ducks In A Row”

    1. If you would rather try either Pagan or Jax after both pitched a lot the previous day (and with Pagan, the previous inning) instead of Duffey, then why is Duffey still on the roster?

        1. Also, even if the Front Office was willing to go out and spend the money or prospects to get a reliever or two, do you trust them to identify the right guys? Their evaluation of pitchers has not been very good since they got here.

          1. At least if you make some moves, there's the chance that you might stumble into something good by accident. Of course, there's also the chance that you might really mess up.

    2. Have to say I did get a little PTSD flashbacks to last year, except that this team is much better. I also think the pitch calling (at least in Tuesday night) with Pagan has been questionable at times. Also, the bullpen should be blown up.

  1. Twelve years ago today. That and the Minneapolis Miracle are probably the two most incredible sports moments I have ever witnessed, especially given the stakes involved in both games.

  2. hmmmmm

    I would be for a trade

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