11 thoughts on “July 3, 2022: Unsure”

  1. Twins won yesterday while the G's were swept in a double header by the Pinstripes. Twins up +3 in the standings.

      1. I was working 118/119, my daughters were in section 121 (last minute ticket buys).

  2. Dick just regaled us with the story of the Hail Mary, complete with "Drew Pearson pushing Nate Wright to the ground."


  3. Since when do the Orioles have such a good pitching staff? Their starters have dominated all series.

  4. I know complaining about the Current is pretty much low-hanging fruit, but they're currently playing "the best songs in The Current's music library in alphabetical order" (direct quote from thecurrent.org), but their alphabetical list just skipped "Purple Rain."

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