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    1. Looks like Cade Povich, Yennier Cano, Juan Nunez, and Juan Rojas in return. Povich ranked as the Twins' 22nd best prospect on Fangraphs' list. Cano was 38th.

      Lopez two remaining years of control, so hopefully his 2022 turnaround is for real.

      1. Looks like FanGraphs’ evaluators felt Povich was a bit hard to project, but might eventually wind up as a 4/5 rotation arm.

        If López can maintain his comeback, this seems pretty okay given the dire need and how he fits. No more Pagán or Duffman in high-leverage situations, I hope…

            1. I believe that’s accurate. My understanding is that every position player on the 40-man is currently on the 26-man, too. If there’s a non-IL roster move coming, it seems like Cotton is the likely DFA candidate, with Smith (via release) or Beckham next in the right circumstances.

  1. Pretend Baseball SelectShow
      1. The Padres’ opening day payroll was $211 million. I don’t think they have either the prospects left or the savvy to Tom Sawyer another club into eating the boogers of Hosmer’s or Myers’ contracts.

  2. I'm off to a meeting soon so I may miss the announcement until I get back but I'm hearing some rumblings that Carlos Rodon heading to the Twins.

  3. Worth noting, the last time the Padres traded a young shortstop to DC, it was Trea Turner. That deal, via b-ref:

    As part of a 3-team trade, traded Jake Bauers, Rene Rivera and Burch Smith to the Tampa Bay Rays and a player to be named later and Joe Ross to the Washington Nationals. Received Jose Castillo, Ryan Hanigan, Wil Myers and Gerardo Reyes from the Tampa Bay Rays. In addition, the Washington Nationals sent Travis Ott (minors) and Steven Souza Jr. to the Tampa Bay Rays. The San Diego Padres sent Trea Turner (June 14, 2015) to the Washington Nationals to complete the trade.

    1. And Turner then spent three months with the Padres despite being a National.

      That turned out to not be a good deal. Turned definitely "hit" immediately but Myers at least wasn't a total bust (but the extension was).

  4. Its happening

    Jeff Passan
    The Minnesota Twins are finalizing a deal to acquire right-hander Tyler Mahle from the Cincinnati Reds, sources tell ESPN. Two hitting prospects and one pitching prospect are expected to be the return once the deal gets through medical review.

            1. I agree with this. FanGraphs ranked Steer #8 today but he ranked 16th preseason. Steven Hajjar ranked 23rd preseason, now #22, and Encarnacion-Strand isn't on the Twins top 40. None of these players had particularly high FV either.

              1. That all makes sense! Makes me feel better.

                Different than the Gleeman rankings, however, not that his rankings should supersede any of the others by any means.

        1. Agreed. This feels like a huge win. I mean, it's nice to have a well-ranked farm system and all (and the Twins are pretty middling, by most accounts I've read), but based on last years' Berrios trade, there's plenty of evidence that well-ranked prospects don't necessarily hold their value...

          These are trades that turned liabilities into assets, not just slightly upgraded a couple spots.

    1. I think this makes sense. Remember when 2 was a position of strength for the Twins... With Jeffers shelved until sept? this seems like a good depth move for a contending team.

      1. I agree. Acquiring a catcher good enough to stay on the active roster once Jeffers returns would essentially burn a roster spot. If DH is how you get Arráez, Buxton, and others a little rest, then having Sánchez and another catcher on the bench seems silly.

        León is headed to St. Paul because he was outrighted to AAA earlier this month and the Twins have a significant 40-man crunch at the moment. That’s the best kind of depth they could look for, given how much Contreras or Murphy were likely to cost them.

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