17 thoughts on “August 9, 2022: Programming Note”

  1. A week ago Runner daughter attended the viewing and funeral of her best friend's grandfather. One of the aunts was not feeling well, and of course did not mask up or take a Covid test, and 4-5 people contracted from her, including Runner daughter. It's been a week, and she's still testing positive, although aside from some congestion, she's been able to tackle work from home fine today, but last week (with assist from her inhaler) she was pretty miserable with congestion, some achy swollen lymph nodes, and inability to sleep or concentrate well. Thankfully we had very limited contact with her and we didn't pick it up from her.

    1. I’m sorry to hear this and hope she continues to recover.

      My mother-in-law’s younger sister is currently hospitalized with COVID. She is homebound due to severe MS. She likely contracted it from one of her home health aides, some of whom mask, and others who do not. She is thankfully vaxed/boosted and is mainly in the hospital due to severe dehydration and dangerously low blood glucose levels, rather than respiratory symptoms.

      It’s infuriating that people continue to not show consideration for others when they are feeling unwell, particularly when it affects people who are vulnerable due to underlying health issues. I try not to think about that for too long because it really gets me upset.

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