18 thoughts on “August 12, 2022: Fast Forward”

  1. Citizens with small fry:

    Is there a section of Target Field that you’ve particularly enjoyed sitting in with your young fans? I’m planning a late season trip to take the Poissonnière to her first MLB game.

    1. We've taken the kids twice. First time was up in the third deck (it was something like section 304 or 303) and second time was five rows back from first base. The latter was definitely better, but even the upper deck was a fun time. I don't think you can really go wrong.

    2. Keep in mind that some of the places that sell ice cream close before the seventh inning.

      I took the kids and promised ice cream of they made it through the seventh inning stretch. I'm lucky to be alive.

    3. We sat in the left field 3rd deck nosebleeds earlier this summer. The younger kids really enjoyed it, there's a great view of downtown, and you can see everything pretty well still. It was a nice, casual experience. Plus there is a "family" concession stand in the far corner that, I believe, sells things a dollar cheaper (though has limited options - which is also good in my family, but for some not so much).

      1. The other family concession stand is in right-centerfield on the main level. It'll save you about $2 on each thing you buy.

        1. Might be $2 at the upper one too? I did not compare.

          Very good to know there's another one!

          1. FYI, that's the concession stand that services the All You Can Eat nights, so take that into account. I think those are mostly on Fridays.

    4. When you get to the park, go to the guest services booth behind section 113 and you can get a first game certificate for the tyke. Friday nights there are free fireworks after the game (through August) and the kids really seem to like those.

  2. If you're down by the rf corner, the patio area (they should call it the Thome Zone) can be a lure with the lawn games, etc. I've sat all over with the kids, and can't think of a place they didn't really enjoy.

  3. A ridiculously small sample size look at the Twins' trade deadline acquisitions:

    Sandy Leon: .300/.417/.500 in 10 at-bats.
    Michael Fulmer, 1-1, 2.45, 1.36 WHIP with 6 strikeouts in 3.2 innings.
    Jorge Lopez, 0-0, 1 save, 3.00, 1.33 WHIP with 3 strikeouts in 3 innings.
    Tyler Mahle, 0-0, 6.00,1.00 WHIP with 5 strikeouts in 6 innings.

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