22 thoughts on “September 23, 2022: Kitsune”

  1. On top of being stressed out about work and life and .... there was a shootout in front of my house last night. hundreds of rounds were fired. Ultimately three people were shot - no one seems to have died - but this appears to be drug business related. During the pandemic the neighbor kids ramped up the drug slinging and became brazen - also I don't know if y'all have heard but my fair city has become the murder capital of the us! we're number one!!!! - - - - - - - - -

    ugh. I don't want to leave New Orleans but I think I might have to.

    1. That’s a tough one. Not nearly on the level of gun play in the front yard, but my wife and I made a tough call to vacate St. Paul’s Eastside after 5 years of random gunfire in the neighborhood, frequent police activity on our block, parts & license plate theft from and damage to our personal vehicles, etc. Not an easy call to leave a place you chose to call home.

      1. grief indeed. Our neighbor - not on the drug dealing side - was almost hit with a stray that came through his wall. Absolutely terrifying.

    2. I recall the murder rate was high in the 70s when my uncle's family lived there. Nothing like the murder rates in the 90s, though. Glad to hear the collateral damage was minimal, but that's scary stuff.

  2. So I know the injuries this season have been crazy, but I'm just throwing out some numbers here:
    1. Randy Bush had 3 career starts against LHP
    2. Matt Wallner already has 2 career starts against LHP
    3. Nick Gordon has 56 career starts against LHP (with a 56 OPS+)
    4. Jake Cave has 39 career starts against LHP including 4 this year (with a 65 OPS+)

    Are there a bunch of Kyle Garlick, Rob Refsnyder, Brian Buchanan types lying around?

    1. It's hard to have enough platoon players and enough relievers when the starters only go 4-5 innings.

      1. This is definitely a part of it. I think modern trends in opponent reliever use and bullpen inflation have also disincentivized teams from carrying more than one short-side platoon guy.

      2. I've complained plenty in the past about the unnecessary extra arms in the bullpen, but that was before the team shifted to the planned 4-inning Archer/Bundy starts.

        Also, I forgot to mention that Mark Contreras also has two starts against southpaws. That's basically negligence.

  3. Just wrapped up an interview with the author of Restaurant Strong. His name is Peter Lesar, and I have been a member of a facebook group he started years ago. He took nearly a decade off from his career and studied successful restaurant companies and why they succeed where others fail. The book is great for people in my industry. He also has a youtube channel with many great informational videos. He is starting a new video series called "Four Moves" in which he interviews a successful restauranteur and asks about the 2 worst and 2 best moves they have made. He asked me to be his first subject in this interview series. Once he publishes the video (Mid-October), I will post a link.

  4. From Craig Calcaterra's newsletter today (emphasis mine):

    Rangers 5, Angels 3: Corey Seager hit a tie-breaking two-run homer in the eighth to take two of three from the Angels. It was the first series win for the Rangers since they took three of four from the Twins between August 19-22

    That series was super frustrating, but then immediately forgotten after the next five super frustrating series, but it's nice to be reminded again. Sigh.

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