18 thoughts on “October 2, 2022: Wotcha”

  1. Ever since I posted about how well MNUFC was playing and could end up in 3rd and a nice playoff run, they’ve collected exactly one point in 6 matches and go into their last game of the season with a strong possibility of missing the playoffs.

    1. I'm perfectly okay with Arraez on the bench today. For the past week or so, it seems like Rocco has been trying to help him out as much as he can without doing anything silly. He gave him last Sunday off before the off day so he could have two full days to rest his legs, now another day off today. That can make a huge difference at this point in the season. Luis was 2 for 5 last night and Judge went 0 for 2 yesterday. We'll see what happens, but this is all I've got left to keep me interested until the playoffs start.

        1. I really hope this doesn’t come down to Celestine’s failure to score on what should have been a sac fly.

          Arráez has not had much in the way of protection for much of the second half, and I wonder to what degree that’s affected him, either in how he’s approached by opponents or by feeling the need to compensate for the futility behind him.

      1. Judge is 0-3 with a walk today, dropping his average to .311 while Luis sits at .315. The Yankees finish with four games in three days in Texas, and the Twins wrap up with three in Chicago del Sur. Stay tuned.

  2. I woke up early yesterday to run 10 miles. Lots of Vikings gear along the race course which I suppose may have thinned out a bit for the full marathon which started at 8:00. One sign about 6 miles in was the Vikings v. Saints scoreboard with Velcro numbers to update. Was still 0-0 when I passed it.

      1. Thanks! I do the Bjorklund half most years and did this one in ‘19, but it was a gorgeous day for a run: most comfortable start-to-finish I’ve had in years. I told my family I’d see them at mile 8 about 8:30 if I was doing well, closer to 9 if it was a struggle. Passed my folks and brother at 8:34 … my wife and kids jogging up Avon just after I’d passed. They did not see me, nor I them 🙄

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