20 thoughts on “January 6, 2023: Volunteerism”

  1. Stuck, an experience. We looked at a house the other day. Self inflicted injuries ensue. Better neighborhood (maybe fewer drug dealers! One way street = maybe no drive bys!) and said to ourselves eff it, we’re out. Called real estate professionals and the return for our house is not really enough to justify selling. Yesterday, came to the conclusion we need to ride this out for a bit.

    Last night the neighbors across the street text that three young people are loading long rifles out of a car into the trap house next door. Cameras confirm. Effing eff.

    We both have good jobs that can’t be transported. The good doctor was just endowed with a substantial research and travel fund! Bully! I’m managing a third of a 50 million dollar renovation of a main campus at my institution! Awesome! Neither of us can leave without major sacrifice - likely for both!

    Down the block a woman’s clinic and a high falutin’ architecture office are being constructed. Two new houses are in development behind us, a microbrewery just opened three blocks away. And we live next to the trap house. Efffffffffffffff.

    1. Time to notify your local city councilmanperson that there's a microbrewery, architecture office, and woman's clinic going up near a trap house, and something needs to be done.

        1. As someone involved in local government legal enforcement, I often let people know that being the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Multiple, repeated, sustained requests are often needed. Not because of incompetence or apathy, but just because people are stretched so thin and are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of things needing attention. Good luck, man. This sucks.

          1. All too true in private industry too. Which reminds me I think I need to send another reminder email.

            1. So, time to notify your local microbrewery, architecture office, and woman's clinic that they're going up near a trap house, and something needs to be done, btw, here's the number for the city councilmanperson?

      1. Rodents of unusual size.

        Welp, the drug hand off I just saw in broad daylight is about all I can handle today.

    1. Enlow is their 3rd round pick from 2017 that was in AA last year with a 4.40 ERA. Ortega doesn't have much going for him either except he managed his unremarkable performance in MLB.

      1. Falvey hadn’t been on the job long (~8 mos.) by the time the Twins were drafting Enlow, and I know the MLB draft is a real crap shoot, but wouldn’t the Indians Guardians have been scouting Blayne too!? I mean, the guy was the 76th pick that year. I was lead to believe, by the Twins/Pohlads, that a large part of the reason they went with a youngster like Derek was his scouting acumen; pointing to the success of the Indians Guardians with drafting and developing pitchers. Enlow is only 23, but as sean points out, he didn’t really turn heads at AA last year.

    1. I'll have to get back to you on day & time. The Matt is still open. I like that because parking. What days are in play?

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