6 thoughts on “March 13, 2023: Nice Touch”

  1. Potential huge upset brewing in the WBC. Great Britain with a 4 run lead heading to the 8th inning

  2. Greetings from NYC! The Highline was outstanding, we've spent a lot of good time in Hudson Yards and Rockefeller Plaza neighborhoods. Hamilton was amazing (we've watched the original cast on Disney a few times - this cast totally stood up to the original). And tomorrow - on Pi day - we've got an insider hookup at the Math Museum!

    I sprained my ankle pretty bad before we left, so I've been on crutches for the duration, but overall that hasn't been too big an issue. Probably getting to fewer things, but enjoying the ones we're doing more.

    There's been some awesome food (tacos at ANA Bar and Eatery, "artisanal" donuts, amazing sandwiches at a cafe), and I'm looking forward to more.

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