15 thoughts on “March 18, 2023: Steamy”

  1. woke up at a temp of 3 above and windchill of Hoth

    Im ready for spring
    or at least temp in the 40s

    1. I hear you, I'm one more storm away from assaulting our snow plow driver for being very bad at snow plowing. This winter hasn't been especially cold compared to most, but all the damn snow is wearing me down.

  2. I did that traditional St. Patrick's Day thing yesterday where you drink German beer and watch hockey. Both NCHC Frozen Faceoff games were really well played and fun to watch. In the first game seventh seed Colorado College, my All-American nephew's alma mater, upset top seed Denver (another nephew's alma mater) to advance to tonight's conference championship game. In the second game St. Cloud held off North Dakota to win in overtime. The Gophers play Michigan in Big 10 tournament action today.

    1. That saucy little, feathered, saucer pass on the game winning goal was so beautiful. Love hockey this time of year.

      1. Yes it was, that assist in front of the net took the goalie from pipe to pipe, then Okabe's little stick crossover to the backhand and lifting the puck over the leg pad. Beauty.

    2. I, similarly, went full Irish and had carnitas with a side of German potato salad (note to CH: I'm sure you already know about this, but the German potato salad at Stalzy's on the east side is a religious experience) for lunch and made beef stroganoff for dinner because I wasn't able to get my brisket brining until Tuesday.

      1. Stalzy’s potato salad is pretty dang delicious. If you’re dining in when it’s available, try the German potato pancake slathered with sour cream . My typical Friday order from them is the beer-battered haddock, potato pancake, and pickled beets. If they have borscht or gulyás, I get some of that, too.

        1. So far its been my wife bringing some home on Wednesdays when she has to go in to work, which is at the public health office on East Wash. We'll have to go there one of these days to dine in because so far everything has been amazing.

  3. Did not have "Luis Arraez hitting a ball to the Florida Keys" on my WBC bingo card

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