17 thoughts on “June 1, 2023: Extension”

  1. Yesterday we got our monthly updates from the power company, and doing a few off-the-cuff estimates, I came up with this regarding the EV:
    - it cost ~$4 to charge overnight during off-peak hours (we charge at ~30%, and only up to 80% full)
    - we are getting ~30 mp$
    - "fuel" cost is about ⅓ of Mrs Runner's previous hybrid
    We're recharging every 2-3 weeks or so. I wouldn't be surprised when someday the power company works out "smart chargers" which they can cycle off/on remotely for short amounts of time like they do with our smart thermostats to limit peak usage, as additional EVs to the grid charging overnight could certainly cause peaks outside of the current daily times.

    1. I bet it won't be long until peak/off-peak switches so utilities want everyone to use electricity before mid afternoon and avoid overnight usage.

      1. Yeah, they're predicting that eventually. We pay less for off-peak hours 9PM - 9AM, but those hours will eventually change I'm sure.

        I have no problem with the power company controlling smart devices to offset peak usage (we've had it in one form or another on our heating/cooling for almost 30 years and never notice it -- they never turn off for more than 15 minutes) and I expect we'll see more devices allowing this.

        1. Now if the regulatory Powers That Be could just smooth the path for community solar and storage, we could maybe do a much better job of managing the duck curve.

  2. I think I have a presale code for tomorrow for Janelle Monáe, but I want one for today. I'm no Verizon Up person, alas. (Whatever that is.)

  3. former Twins legend Ian Gibault lead the Cincy Reds in wins, vulturing 5

  4. Congratulations to last year's Class A boys golf MN state champs for qualifying for the state tournament again, and to last year's Class A girls golf MN state 6th place team (coached by my baby brother) for also qualifying for the state tournament. Go Falcons!

  5. If an unopened squeeze bottle of spicy brown mustard says "Best By XX-YY-2017", is it still good to use?

    Asking for a friend.

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