15 thoughts on “2023 Game 113. Diamondbacks at Twins, soggy start in progress”

  1. if Carlos Correa stays healthy enough to play out the rest of the season, he might break the franchise record for Grounded Into Double Plays. 2 today, 22 on the season

    1. If you watch the video replay in slow-mo, when they cut to the outfield wall and zoom in you can see an usher in a light blue shirt descending the stairs to track the flight of the ball, anticipating it might land in his section and he'd get to negotiate a trade for Wallner's first walk-off home run ball for some lucky fan. That was me. Unfortunately, the ball hit off the facing above section 132 and back into centerfield. I think one of the relievers realized and picked it up on their way from the bullpen to the dugout.

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