2023 Game Log 132: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins

After the improbable win against the Rangers yesterday, the Cleveland Guardians of the Galaxy come to town for a three game series to close out the month. The Twins currently have a 6.0 game lead in the division, so hopefully they use this opportunity to pull away. Curry is on the mound for the Guards (I think I know, but I'll let you try to pronounce his first game). He's only made a few starts this year, but has been decent enough. Most likely should be plenty to put away this lineup.

We hit the road after this (to play the Rangers... and the Guardians?) so let's get some wins!

35 thoughts on “2023 Game Log 132: Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins”

  1. jiminy christmas Matt Wallner is going to hit that RCF scoreboard one of these games

    1. Oh, yes it can. Americanized version of German von der Burg (from the castle) and my new favorite baseball name.

            1. Career .256/.322/.458 in the minors in 4574 PAs. He did great in Orlando in '85 (.283/.343/.520) but then only .210/.285/.378 the next year in Orlando. Another good year in Orlando wasn't enough.

        1. Probably best not to think too much about how a black person in America got a Germanic (or English) family name....

  2. I’m trying to imagine how Gardy or TK would have reacted some of these base-running … choices by our local 9 the past few games.

  3. I’ve known for a while that Sour Cream is singing the anthem at the game on September 28th. I thought it might be a really good game to attend, but it’s sure looking like a meaningless garbage time game against a terrible Oakland team.

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