29 thoughts on “September 25, 2023: The Suckiest Bunch Of Sucks That Ever Sucked”

  1. That Vikings team just doesn't have much talent. Let the old guys walk and have struck out on the draft the past two years.

  2. I haven't been watching, because baseball, but last year the Vikings won almost all the close games. This year they're losing them. I suspect at least part of the difference is simply a matter of luck.

  3. I watched the first 10 minutes of the game and then went out and cleaned/organized my garage to prepare for cold weather. I came back in the house just in time to watch the last 3 plays of the game. I am sure there are other fan bases that feel the same way, but man, being a fan of the purple is just plain hard.

    1. I think a part of it is that the Vikings are rarely terrible. They're one of the most winning franchises ever. So they're frequently making the playoffs and bouncing, or just missing the playoffs. There's less anxiety (at least for me) if the season is hopeless from the beginning

      1. I texted an old high school friend who now lives in Colorado about what was going on with the Broncos and he replied, he'd rather be a Broncos fan that is terrible than a Vikings fan that seems to have potential and loses like they have this year.

        1. I don't agree with either of his points. Last season was one of the finest seasons to watch. The reason it was fun is that the team wasn't that talented but found a way to win, usually in the last couple minutes.

          This year, they're just regressing to what they are - a mediocre team.

          Other than Jefferson, I don't see any stars in their prime.

          1. I read this and went "Surely, that can't be true". Looked it up

            Bears Top 10 Career Receiving yards

            Rk Player From To G Pos Yds Y/R
            1 Johnny Morris 1958 1967 121 FL 5059 14.2
            2 Harlon Hill 1954 1961 89 LE 4616 20.4
            3 Alshon Jeffery 2012 2016 63 WR 4549 15.0
            4 Walter Payton 1975 1987 190 RB 4538 9.2
            5 Mike Ditka 1961 1966 84 TE 4503 14.3
            6 Curtis Conway 1993 1999 92 WR 4498 13.7
            7 Matt Forte 2008 2015 120 RB 4116 8.5
            8 Marty Booker 1999 2008 82 WR 3895 11.8
            9 Willie Gault 1983 1987 76 WR 3650 19.8
            10 Ken Kavanaugh 1940 1950 90 LE 3626 22.4

            vs. Jefferson career numbers

            Year G Rec Yds
            Care 53 351 5283
    2. Saints fans would like a word. I watched the final 3 minutes of the greenbay game and laughed like an idiot when Grupe pushed the field goal wide. I texted my bff who was at the game that this was the most saints thing that could have happened. Then the Vikings vikinged.

    1. The Ed Stasium mix is a revelation. Almost like hearing it for the first time. Gone is the tinny, compressed sound of the original. In its place is a full bodied rock and roll band at their peak. Westerberg’s vocals never sounded better.

      The live disc has a great set list and the band is tight. And Bob is absolutely smoking throughout. The sound is pretty “bootleggy”, though. Not nearly as good as the live sets on the previous reissues. Haven’t had a chance to listen to the rest of it yet.

      1. The Ed Stasium mix is a revelation.

        It really, really is. I know some people prefer the album to sound as though it was recorded through several layers of gauze, but in my opinion this is how this album, and this band was meant to sound.

        1. So this past weekend I listened to this a lot. Both loud on the stereo and on headphones. Plus I listened to the original mix so that I could compare with recency, not just what I remembered.

          With that, I agreed with all above. And like Bootsy said, Paul's vocals are fantastic (especially on headphones). My minor quibble (and it's minor and it's a quibble) is that on Left of the Dial and Bastards of Young I wish Bob's guitar was a little more forward in the mix.

          Also Little Mascara is the song that really pops on the new mix. This song could have been a mega-hit.

          Also in a what if world... What if they had changed out Dose of Thunder and Lay it Down Clown with Nowhere is my Home and the cranked up version of Can't Hardly Wait.....

          1. I was flipping between versions of songs to try to accurately compare them.

            To me, the biggest thing is how much more clearly I can hear and understand the vocals.

            I'd be hard pressed to ever listen to the original release over the Stasium mix again

            1. That New Yorker piece is great but I would argue this is even better, it's now so much a review but more a think piece (tongue in cheek).


              These 2 lines slayed me.

              And the Replacements are our Ghost of Modern Rock Past, a reminder of missteps as ephemeral as a kiss left unkissed and as quotidian as that ill-timed second mortgage. It’s almost enough to imagine the Stasium mix of Tim duking it out with Bryan Adams or Dire Straits for the top of the Billboard charts, without realizing what a sad victory that would have been.

              1. Thanks, that was a good read. Won't say it was better than the NY one, though it definitely was longer... Keith Harris is a good writer, but brevity has never been his strength. 😀

                1. Admittedly there's the classic, "I made such a great point I'm going to make it again using different words" approach in that article.

    1. Eh, by still enjoying football, just caring about the end result slightly less, I've managed to free up parts of my Sundays while still enjoying the chicanery of a team that is simultaneously one of the greatest and worst franchises in pro sports history.

      1. This is exactly where I am. I went to where Cheap was a few years back (probably more than a few, at this point), then swung the pendulum back to current balance. Now I can have all the fun of last year's team, and little of the pain of this year's team. Win-win! Which is something the Vikings should try...

  4. I just want to say, that if by some chance, the Twins get to the World Series, and they end up playing the Braves, can we please, PLEASE, have Kent Hrbek throw out the first pitch?

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