September 26, 2023: In Tune

(I double booked a CoC apparently, so I'm just going to post it today.)

Getting ready for bed, I'm usually listening to stuff on my headphones. Tunes, podcasts, what have you. Anyway, I'm sure this has never happened before, but my sonic-y toothbrush perfectly matched the key of the song I was listening to. Like, the song and my toothbrush could have jammed.

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    1. Gausman has 232 strikeouts to López's 228. Gausman had 30 starts so that's 7.7 K/game. Let's assume 8 for 240 strikeouts. Therefore López needs 13 to surpass him. However, that assumes Gausman doesn't get one more start at the end of the year whereas López won't.

      Cole is next at 217 so unlikely he will leap ahead unless he gets a 23-K game. Ryan is eighth in the league at 191 strikeouts. I'm hoping he gets at least nine to reach 200.

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