23 thoughts on “September 27, 2023: Bluey”

        1. It feels like it's been raining wherever I am for the last week or so. It rained on the way to Wisconsin, it rained on my daughter's wedding reception, it rained on the way home, it rained most of Monday and it rained on me at work last night. I'm rather sick of it at this point.

          1. We've been stuck in a donut hole here. They got 2 inches 30 minutes west of us, they got 3 inches 30 minutes east of us. We got a light sprinkle.

            I suppose the farmers are okay with it for now, since they're still trying to get stuff out of the fields... but we're going to need some precipitation at some point.

    1. In order for the salt water wedge to not make it to the Carrollton intake pumps we’ll need every drip and drop of rain to fall in the Mississippi River basin that can possibly drip and drop.

      Folks, people be losing their gd minds down here.

  1. A weird one for you, Sean:

    I noticed that four home teams were shut out today. I've got it in my head that this has to be a pretty rare occurrence. If it's not too difficult, I'd love to see the numbers on that.

    1. I let my Stathead subscription lapse when it became Stathead. But, I have all of the Retrosheet files and that's why Python exists.

      Last year, it happened once on June 18. Seven other days there were three home teams shutout.

      In 2021, there were five teams shutout on April 25. Two of them were cheapo seven-inning doubleheader games, but the Braves were scoreless for 14 innings that day. No four, but seven other days had three teams.

      Checking all of this century, and six teams were shutout on May 16, 2014. Joe Nathan and Grant Balfour got saves in two of those games. Perkins and Hawkins also got saves but not in shutouts. Five other days (so six total over the past 23 seasons [not including this year]) had five shutouts.

      Checking all of last century and we have the record of seven home teams shutout on one day on June 4, 1972. No days with six teams but eight days with five teams.

      The four+ days:

      2000-2022 SelectShow
      1900-1999 SelectShow
      1. Looking at those box scores of games from 1972, I see four double-headers. Of those, three resulted in shutout losses in both games. Rough day at the office for those home teams!

        And Bert got Berted by his lineup; he pitched seven innings with six strikeouts, two hits, and a walk, giving up a two-run homer to Mickey Stanley in the seventh.

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