54 thoughts on “November 14, 2023: The Original”

  1. Estrellas defeated Escogido 11-4 yesterday. MIguel Sano was 1-for-3. The team was led in batting by Willy Vasquez, who was 3-for-5 with a triple. Dairon Blanco was 2-for-4. The win went to Aaron Leasher, who started and pitched five shutout innings, giving up two hits and two walks and striking out two.

    There were no games in the Venezuelan League yesterday. I still do not have a report on the Caribes game Sunday--maybe it was rained out or something.

    1. If only all franchise owners shared Seidler’s determination to assemble talent, even when paying for it at market rate. I didn’t agree with his unrelenting support of Preller, but I did appreciate his willingness to push hard for a winner for San Diego. May his family know solace.

  2. Sonny Gray declines Twins’ qualifying offer.

    By declining to accept the one-year deal worth $20.25 million, Gray ensures the Twins would receive a compensatory first-round draft pick if he signs with another team for more than $50 million.

    I didn't know about that $50m part regarding QAs.

    1. Well, I hope he comes back anyway.
      His last 4 seasons, per fangraphs: $13.9m, $19.7m, $18.9m, and $42.3m.

      The qualifying offer was fair. Sonny is betting on himself, which is equally fair.

      1. The Brewers appear to be headed for a rebuild. Perhaps they can get Corbin Burnes as a consolation prize?

        1. I think the only way Sonny Gray re-signs with the Twins is if the market is suppressed (due to the TV mess around the league) and he signs a 1 year contract similar to the Correa contract a couple years ago. The Twins will not sign him to 4 years, as they already have Pablo tied up that long. We are reducing payroll, and they will not give up any payroll flexibility by signing Gray that long. Honestly, I am ok with that. I don't really want to sign him into his 38 year old season. I do hope they sign someone to join the rotation for a year or two this offseason. Not quite confident going in with Lopez, Ryan, Ober, Paddack and Varland. We need more depth, but I don't think we can afford to sign a #1 or #2 during the offseason. I would rather look at adding a stud at the trade deadline if we are looking like a contender.

    2. The $50 million minimum is for the Twins to get a compensation pick after the first round. A deal under $50 million nets them a pick after competitive balance round B that happens between rounds two and three.

  3. St. Cloud State is ranked #19 this week, one of just two Minnesota schools in the top 20 (The Gophers are #6). Wisconsin is sitting on top of the rankings this week.

      1. It's mindboggling how much of a leash the NBA gives him. They just let him scream at refs all day long, repeated ejections for violent conduct. It's a joke that he's not on an escalating 5-, 10-, 15-game auto-suspension program. And at this point, he basically should get T'd up just for looking at the refs -- he's done enough to earn it.

                  1. Bluesky is a lot newer so much less time for there to be code for its APIs. Mastodon is lot older, plus the place where developers went, so a lot of things support it.

                    That does remind me the Bluesky API isn't that hard. I meant to create an extremely simple WordPress plugin.

    1. Jaden shouldn't have been tossed, because Klay started that, but I'm shocked they tossed two warriors there considering the usual anti wolves bias.

        1. I think if Draymond doesn't Draymond, than Klay and Jaden probably both would not have been tossed. He is the human escalator.

      1. My Wolves awareness comes mostly from this site…I feel like there is an inconsistent assessment on KAT and I’m not sure where he’s landed.

        1. He was laughably bad against the Celtics, but he's otherwise playing the best defense of his career right now and he's the same incredibly efficient offensive force as always.

          He's ceding the offense to Ant when they're both in the floor, but doing a phenomenal job defending on the wing. It helps that he no longer has to anchor the paint where he always found himself straying and getting out of position.

          1. He, Rudy and Naz do seem to be meshing well together.

            KAT still makes too many dumb plays, IMO (and Jim Pete's). His shooting hasn't been great so far this year and his assist rate per-36 is way down, as is his Box Plus/Minus. But his turnovers and fouls are down too. All small samples, I suppose.

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