33 thoughts on “February 7, 2024: Wide Open Sky”

    1. Hope your mother is resting comfortably and recovers fully. Happy to reciprocate on the praying, I think I have plenty of IOUs for that floating around.

    1. I didn't watch last night because I was doped up on NyQuil, but I think they should trade Anderson for someone who will tell ANT to pass the friggin ball in the 4th.

  1. The igniter arrived last night and my furnace is back online. It was down for a little over 80 hours total. I didn’t think I’d ever work on a Raytheon product again, but life is unpredictable like that.

    Kudos to the HVAC guy I called who, rather than trying to pressure me into buying a new furnace or talk me into a huge repair bill, helped me find an igniter online after all the local warehouses couldn’t get one here sooner. Knowing you’ll make a sale in the future by treating folks the right way now is a trait too many businesses have abandoned.

    1. I had the opposite happen to me. I needed a part for a dishwasher and a local warehouse did have it but refused to sell it to anyone not affiliated with them. I instead had to find it online.

      1. The HVAC guy originally pointed me to a warehouse near my house and said if anyone had one, they did and that they sold to the public. I went on Monday and they told me I was a month late. Apparently the country cracked down I them because they were selling retail and are only supposed to be wholesalers?

    2. We had our igniter go out last winter, you know the record setting cold one. And of course on a weekend night.

      I was half panicked. The error code on the control board said "no spark". I was able to remove the spark plug wire and confirm it was sending electricity, so I sanded the gap in the spark plug and it fired right up.

      That was a hairy hour or two, but glad to get it fixed.

      1. Yikes. I’d have been perturbed under those circumstances, too.

        Weekend aside, the was much better here, with the cold snap behind us and a streak of warmer weather this week. I have an oil-filled space heater and I did run the oven a few times at high temps to create a sort of radiator, so I never saw inside temps dip below 50° on the thermostat, although I bet the basement was colder. Much better than the time the furnace of the old house I rented here went out and it dropped to 37° before the landlord fixed it…

    1. If Morris is healthy, he can be a very effective backup PG, giving Conley much needed rest without having ANT go 1-on-4 all the time.

      A pretty big vote of "no confidence" for Jordan Mac, however.

  2. The Twins announced that they claimed right-hander Zack Weiss off waivers from the Red Sox. They also made their previously–reported signings of first baseman Carlos Santana and right-hander Jay Jackson official. To open spots on their 40-man roster for those three players, outfielder Bubba Thompson as well as right-handers Daniel Duarte and Jordan Balazovic were designated for assignment.

    All this sounds reasonable, but not much beyond deck chairs.

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