6 thoughts on “February 9, 2024: IIFY?”

  1. We had a weird storm roll through last night. First February tornado ever in Wisconsin, the warnings of which I did not take seriously. The weather at our house wasn't all that severe, but the tornado was probably within 5-10 miles of us.

  2. An update on Mom A. Her labs, while not where we'd like them to be, are much better than they were, and are trending in a positive direction. She's eating some and taking in a substantial amount of liquids. Things could still go the other way, but at this time it's looking like she's going to make it through this.

    The question, though, is how far she'll bounce back. It's doubtful that she'll be as good as she was before all this happened. I'm hopeful, though, that she can improve enough to still enjoy some quality of life at the nursing home. That's the goal, anyway. As they say, time will tell. It always does.

    In thinking about the reactions of the local providers (who are good people--I know them, just like you know everyone in a town like this), I wonder if they're somewhat affected by the time of practice they have. I live in a town with a substantial elderly population. which is why I conduct so many funerals every year. I suspect they see a lot of people who are in a very poor condition and for whom there's little they can do. It seems likely to me, then, that subconsciously, when they see a person like Mom, their default position is that she's probably not going to make it. They probably don't even realize that's what their doing, but I suspect it is.

    Anyway, while Mom is far from out of the woods, things are looking up some. Thanks for your prayers, and please continue them.

    1. That should've been "type of practice", not "time of practice". Also, I see that I used "their" instead of "they're" in one place. As usual, I do my best proofreading after I hit "post".

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