15 thoughts on “February 11, 2024: Swifties Vs. Purdies”

  1. I'm not good at prognostication, but the wife is making pretzel dogs, deviled eggs, crudité, charcuterie, shrimp cocktail, barbecue meatballs, chicken wings and maple nut fudge (intended for Xmas but better late than never) for the game so I predict a win for me. Younger Daughter and her boyfriend are coming over to help us eat it all. I've never seen anyone so skinny eat so much, that boy is like a food sinkhole.

    1. I'm bringing jalapeno poppers to the curling club for a pre-curling Super Bowl party potluck that will also involve lots of chili. I'll be making the sacrifice of sitting in whichever chair faces away from the tv so no one else has to.

            1. Based on a sample size of Wilbur Wood, you’d think “lefty knuckleballer” was practically synonymous with “immortality.” And yet, I can’t think of another example. Maybe it’s like crossing the streams?

      1. Unclear. Schmueschmud indicated this might be all they pull off, and "trade" might well have been misinterpreted as "big trade". Suggested things were pretty tight lipped in the first place, so who really knows.

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