Game Log II: Twins at Royals

I didn't see a game log, so here's one.  The Twins really need Joe Ryan to take a step forward this season.  Not that he was bad last year, but they need him to be better this year.  Hopefully this will be the start of that.  Go Twins!

43 thoughts on “Game Log II: Twins at Royals”

    1. We were driving during the game today so I had it on the whole time. I've never been an Atteberry fan, but I would agree he was okay. But just okay. There were a lot of first pitches missed in the play-by-play, so a lot of batters seemed to start at 0-1 or 1-0. I felt like Gladden was really the weak link today though - he seemed to forget he was the play-by-play guy during those middle innings.

    1. Though to be fair, they should have had a couple runs but the left fielder made a really nice catch on the Correa line drive. That Wallner at bat was pure stink, though.

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