19 thoughts on “March 30, 2024: Back On Top”

  1. Welcome to the bigs Austin Martin.

    1. Just turned twenty-five. Has played all over the infield and outfield, although I don't know how well he plays any of those positions. Doesn't look like a star to me, but he could be a decent player.

  2. Alore were on Dane Moore's podcast and there were a couple interesting lines from the transcript that make me really hate that Glen still owns the team:


    Taylor did NOT agree with the Rudy Gobert trade and warned Lore/ARod against it.

    Taylor told Lore/ARod not to waste their time with trying to hire Tim Connelly and told them they were wasting their time, and that "people like Tim Connelly do not come here [MN]." ARod says for Taylor to take credit for any of the teambuilding now is "disingenuous".

    1. Glen admitting that he wants to keep the team now that they're good is another damning quote. He's really coming off like a scumbag in this whole thing. I still think KG is a little nuts, but he might be right in calling Taylor a snake.

      1. You don't get to be a billionaire by being a fine, upstanding member of society. I assume Marc Lore is also a snake, for what that's worth, but at least he made the smart move of bringing Connelly in while he had control. I also don't think there is any risk of the team moving had the sale gone through. I don't see the league approving that when they can expand instead.

  3. Lots of physical play in this LSU/UCLA matchup

    Betts is huge. Good footwork and hands, but needs to improve her speed and quickness to really shine at the next level.

    UCLA girls are struggling from outside and struggling to deliver into Betts in the post.

  4. At least the Twins managed some innings from Mahle. I'm not sure DeSclafani pitched a single inning in Spring Training.

  5. The Saints are having an Earl Weaver game: pitching and three-run homers. Alex Isola hit one in the second and Yoyner Fajardo hit one in the fourth. David Festa and Randy Dobnak have each pitched three scoreless innings. St. Paul leads 7-0 through five and a half.

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