2024 Game Log 4 – Twins at Brewers

I get my bi-annual "why does MLB schedule two close rivals for mid-week series rant" quite early in the season this year as the Twins travel to Milwaukee to play the 3-0 Brewers. I'm sure there will be a smattering of Twins fans there so way to go MLB!

Louis Varland up for the Twins, and after last year's late season and playoff bullpen success, fans are wondering if that can translate into a starter role. If not, the theme for this year's Twins starters could be "Pablo and Ryan and then we're dyin'." Someone called Jakob Junis up for the Brewers, his third team in four years. Looks like a pretty good definition of a 4th starter.

First Pitch: 3:10p from Milwaukee


Freealonzo's "Take it to the Credit Union" game odds surefire winner: (Sponsorship available, DM me).

O/U on Varland innings pitched: 5.1

Twins Lineup
2B - Julien
DH - Kirilloff
CF - Buxton
RF - Kepler
SS - Correa
LF - Wallner
1B - Santana
3B - Castro
C - Vazquez

12 thoughts on “2024 Game Log 4 – Twins at Brewers”

  1. If it makes you feel any better, the Yankees/Mets series' are both mid-week series, too. Not that it makes it a good idea, but at least they're not specifically disrespecting the Twins.

    1. Oh I know it's not a Twins-Brewers thing and happens to other teams too. It's just crazy to me. Those weekend summer series at Milwaukee and here would be full of out of town visitors and would include friends and family of the opposing teams going to the game together. I know setting a schedule is tough but no other league would miss such an opportunity for a full house and create a fun atmosphere for a game.

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