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2024 Game Log 4 – Twins at Brewers

I get my bi-annual "why does MLB schedule two close rivals for mid-week series rant" quite early in the season this year as the Twins travel to Milwaukee to play the 3-0 Brewers. I'm sure there will be a smattering of Twins fans there so way to go MLB!

Louis Varland up for the Twins, and after last year's late season and playoff bullpen success, fans are wondering if that can translate into a starter role. If not, the theme for this year's Twins starters could be "Pablo and Ryan and then we're dyin'." Someone called Jakob Junis up for the Brewers, his third team in four years. Looks like a pretty good definition of a 4th starter.

First Pitch: 3:10p from Milwaukee


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O/U on Varland innings pitched: 5.1

Twins Lineup
2B - Julien
DH - Kirilloff
CF - Buxton
RF - Kepler
SS - Correa
LF - Wallner
1B - Santana
3B - Castro
C - Vazquez

2023 Game Log 126 – Twins and Brewers

The second two-game, mid-week series of the season against the Brewers starts today in Milwaukee in what used to be called Miller Park. Although the temps seem to be moderate, Milwaukee is still under a heat warning (humidity?) so I am sure the roof will be closed.

Bailey Ober up for the Twins. I really like the season he is having, especially his 1k per inning stat and the fact that he throws one walk for every five strikeouts. I doubt he will start a playoff game, but could see him in a high leverage relief effort there. (I know I'm getting ahead of myself). Wade Miley on for the Brewers and he's not a high strikeout pitcher but I am sure the Twins will help him there.

Brewers having a nice little season this year with a lead in the NL Central. Should be a fun two games.

First pitch at 7:10.

2023 Game Log 67 – Brewers at Twins

Time for my semi-annual, why does MLB hate money and schedule the Brewers for a two-game mid-week series when a weekend series would guarantee near capacity crowds screed. Whew, I feel better already.

Brewers season similar to Twins in that they play in a crappy division yet only find themselves 2 games over .500. They are especially feeling a little down after being swept by the lowly A's this past weekend. Corbin Burnes on the mound for the Brewers. He's considered their ace I guess but has been pretty humdrum in 2023. His one strikeout per inning may cause issues for the strikeout prone Twins however.

Pablo Lopez up for the Twins and we all would like to see the April version of Lopez, not the May version, especially given that Louis Arraez is still tearing it up it in the National League. Lopez pitched really well against the Rays last week in a losing effort. Hopefully he can continue to pitch like that and the Twins bats can come alive.

Looks like a gorgeous night for some baseball. First pitch at 6:40p.

2022 Game Log 97 – Twins at Brewers

Another 2 game mid-week series against the Brewers. This time in Beer Town. Miller Park lost it's moniker and is now named after an an insurance company, which did nothing for it's toilet-like bowl interior. At least there's a roof on it for the 5 games a year that may be impacted by rain.

Dylan Bundy on the mound tonight and he's done well lately, especially since the Twins have scored 6 runs in each of his last 3 games -- that will also be a big help for the ol' win-loss record. Rookie Ethan Small for the Brewers in his first outing in two months. Hopefully Twins bats can get to him early as the Brewers bullpen is typically lights out.

Miguel Sano back in the line up playing tonight (at the expense of Arraez?). With the trade deadline a week away, could be an interesting few games for the Twins.

Game time at 7:10.

Twins Lineup
CF - Buxton
SS - Correa
2B - Polanco
LF - Garlick
DH - Miranda
3B - Urshela
RF - Kirilloff
C - Sanchez
1B - Sano

2022 Game Log 89 – Brewers at Twins

First, I get to make my annual rant on why does MLB insist on scheduling two rivals, who don't play each other much, for a two-game series in the middle of the week? The Twins and Brewers should be playing a weekend 3-game series so that fans can make road trips, stay at their cousin's house, and talk smack with their regional brethren about their state, baseball team, Packers, whatever. Believe me MLB you will make more money that way than by trying to sell ugly 4th of July caps!

Whew! O.k. I feel better. Milwaukee Brewers in town and much like the Twins, they are atop the Central Division with a decent record but come playoff time probably doesn't have a shot against a team like the Dodgers (Yankees, Astros). Jason Alexander, who recently had a bit role in the last season of the Marvelous Mr. Maisal, on the mound for the Brewers. He's a 29-year old rookie who's put up ok numbers but will probably end up as #4 or #5 pitcher or most likely a bullpen guy.

Josh Winder, another rookie, on the mound for the Twins and he's pitched well his last two games, although it's nice when your team puts up 6 and 8 runs.

Game time 6:40 and looks to be a gorgeous night for baseball. Let's go Twins!

Twins Line Up
DH - Arraez
SS - Correa
CF - Buxton
RF - Kepler
2B - Polanco
1B - Kirilloff
LF - Gordon
3B - Urshela
C - Sanchez

Game #TheSeasonContinues: Twins v. Brewers

The Twins seem to have the Brewers' number this year, if it wasn't for the combined efforts of Bad Colomé and Bad Dobnak on opening day,  we'd be looking at the possibility of a season sweep. Instead,  as the saying goes, we'll have to settle for 5-1 if they get a win today.

Josh Donaldson is doing well.  In the last 5 series he's played 14 games in a row while hitting .309/.377/.582 which is in the rarified air that we call "a higher OPS than Jorge Polanco" for that time.

Luis Arraez has 365 plate appearances in 129 team games. If he goes 17 for 38 today, he would qualify for, and take the lead in, the AL batting race. His .303 average is 5th best in the league among those with more than 175 PA.

Griffin Jax is pitching today, bouncing back from a rough start against Boston. He had strung together a few good starts before that, and he won't be facing the Red Sox today so I choose optimism.

Game 129: brewers @ twins

I'm honestly surprised that this game is going off on time. It was pretty rainy a couple hours west in my neck of the woods a few hours ago. Regardless, we press on.

Charlie Barnes starts tonight. He strikes me as maybe the tenth best starter to log a start for the Twins this year, but it would be nice if he could do just enough to support a lineup that suddenly looks reasonably major league capable.

Buxton's back, that's good enough for me. Go twins!

Game 3: Twins @ Brewers

Michael Pineda v. Adrian Houser

It's been over 600 days since Michael Pineda took the loss in one of his starts (July 16, 2019 vs. the Mets). You can argue that number is inflated by the general lack of games over that time period, but that wouldn't be any fun.

But in a general sense, Pineda has been incredibly consistently good as a Twin.  In his last 20 starts here's the distribution of runs allowed:

  • 0 starts with 0 runs allowed
  • 8 starts with 1 run allowed
  • 5 starts with 2 runs allowed
  • 5 starts with 3 runs allowed
  • 1 start with 4 runs allowed
  • 1 start with 5 runs allowed

His record is 9-2 in those 20 starts and he's got a 3.17 ERA. Perhaps more importantly the Twins record in those games is 16-4.

Adrian Houser had trouble missing bats last season, and all the projection systems at FanGraphs seem to anticipate that he will be almost perfectly average (4.30 ERA/FIP, 8.0 K/9, 3.0 BB/9).

Game 2: twins @ brewers

Let's try this again, shall we?

As referenced in today's CoC, the day off is stupid, and yesterday, it felt REALLY stupid. I wanted nothing more than a new game to wash out the unpleasantry of opening day. Alas.

JosACE Berrios takes the mound tonight. Hopefully he's sharp, and hopefully another Brewers pitcher tries to sneak strike one by Buxton.

Game 1 was going pretty well up until the ninth. Tonight, with any luck, they can make it through all nine.