June 10, 2024: Twins Vs. Yankees

Not that they've been doing great against other teams, but

Twins vs. Yankees

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21 thoughts on “June 10, 2024: Twins Vs. Yankees”

  1. Hey the Twins new City Connect uniforms are out.

    As with the state flag design, everyone has an opinion and it's all over the board. I'd love to imagine what it would have been like in 1961 when the Twins revealed the TC logo.

    Anyway, I'm too old to get caught up in this stuff. Whatever, it's something they will wear a couple of times right? To me all this stuff is an obvious cash grab. Get people to dole out for a new uniform. What I don't get is that does it actually work? Do they sell a lot of this stuff? I hardly ever see previous uniform iterations out in the wild. It seems like a lot of PR to push a couple hundred or so sales of hats and jerseys. Now get off my lawn!!

              1. Oh, I know. I get the water theme and all that and maybe it's my old eyes but it's too many shifting shades of blue and the pattern looks too much like a 60s op art poster when the mushrooms start to kick in. I've never cared for banana yellow (second worst car color behind white) so I don't like the accent color at all, no matter how much sunshine you blow up my backside. I do rather like the typography and MN wordmark logo and would maybe buy a hat for the collection if it went on clearance at the end of the season, but that loon logo on the shoulder looks more like a patch for the Klingon Academy, I had to look it up just to figure out what it is. So I'm no fan of the design, really, but it's all subjective so also not worth a whine online. The alternative unis all just seem to be trying too hard, if that makes any sense.

    1. Yellow? Blegh.

      The design is the typically unimaginative “we can do a goofy technical thing with fabric and our marketing department will figure out some overstretched metaphor lacking any real connection to the location to justify it” thing I expect from Nike. They’re ugly and busy, a sort of visual representation of saying a lot without saying anything of substance.

      Bottom third tier for the marketing exercise, which is pretty sad considering they’re among the last to do them.

      1. I've been at Target Field since 345 today*, so I've already seen a few things in the wild. They're... unnecessary but not horrible. Besides the Nationals (which is about to be retired for some stupid reason) and the Rockies, I think just about all of the City Connect are worse than a team's normal uniform.

        *Honest Abe was selected to be a Dugout Buddy during batting practice, so he got to be near the dugout and get a bunch of autographs. Royce seems like a genuinely incredible guy from the extremely small sale size (he was wandering around the area seeking out all sorts of random purple to autograph their stuff and was trying to make everyone smile). Cory Provus was standing near me for a few minutes, so Itold him the abridged version of the the Sheenie/Morneau story from Baltimore in 2003, so he was going to mention to Justin that his "first fan, the one from Baltimore" would be at the game tonight.

    2. Jury is out for me. I will watch them in action and then decide. Don't think it's possible to design a uniform that will make any fanbase happy.

  2. The daughter will be teaching in Madrid this coming school year. Mrs. Zooomx and I will fly with her to Spain in September to get her settled in. 4 days in Barcelona (so excited for the culinary experiences there), and 6 days in Madrid. After my first 55 years of only crossing the border twice (barely), we are taking our 3rd trip out of country this year.

    On another note, my son is going back to school this fall to finish his engineering degree. NDSU it is. I will already have SCSU, Concordia, UMD, and Gopher colors all over the closets in my house. I will not be adding Bison gear. My hypocrisy only goes so far
    Sorry Stick!

    1. Congrats! Two of my daughter's friends are just getting back from teaching in Madrid for a year. They both loved it.

      My son is going to Wisconsin next year. I did wear a red shirt for his grad party but haven't actually purchased any Badger gear.

    2. I'm trying to convince my wife to get a fully remote job so we can try the travel/work thing, but it would have to be domestic ground travel only because dog.

        1. I'm headed for not travel/not work. I mean, we'll probably go to visit relatives, but Mrs. A and I are not great travelers. Plus, I'm confident that we will find plenty of interesting things to do right there.

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