12 thoughts on “June 17, 2024: Tightrope”

  1. Don't know if others saw this on other social media, but I got a foul ball at Wrigley Field on Saturday. Didn't catch it, one of those hit someone's hand, bounced around a bit and ended up under the seat next to me and pounced on it.

    I ended up giving it to 9 year old kid.

      1. Got a Kubel HR ball in Baltimore that way - flew over my head a few rows, bounced back down, and landed in my friend's seat, since he had just gone to get a beer. I just bent down and picked it up.

  2. welp, we're back home from what was supposed to be a week long scouts summer camp at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation near Mauston, WI. Unfortunately, the bauble's scouting days are over due to a failure of troop leadership. This was his first year in scouts and the older boys in this troop are complete assholes and the troop leaders apparently never taught them what it means to be a scout and what their roles should be with respect to the new, younger members. The bauble went into this troop this year with another kid his age, but owing to his ADHD and that he's the youngest and smallest of the troop, he would always fall behind on hikes and things. We got there yesterday and it was very clear they weren't going to let him into their group so his buddy for the buddy system was going to have to be me, which is the opposite of what should happen. Adding to this the fact that it was miserably hot, humid, and swarming with mosquitoes lead us to leave after breakfast today.

    When I told the acting adult senior patrol leader (the scoutmaster was not coming until Wednesday, but he sucks anyway and is very much responsible for the behavior of the older boys) she asked if the bauble was making an effort to join in and like, yeah, he's making as much of an effort as he can! WTF? The other boys ignore him! I'm trying not to make this an indictment on Scouting America, but woof.

    1. I am more than here for the indictment.

      I know that many boys have had good experiences with it. Many others have had bad ones. And the history of the organization is...not great.

      It's really too bad, given the ongoing need for positive role models and diverse experiential learning opportunities for kids.

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