June 24, 2024: Cheat Sheet

I realized that, when I've got a whole bunch of different things going on the grill, I make a sheet that lists the heat levels and times for everything just like outfielders and that little card they carry in their back pocket.

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    1. All televisions are black and white if you turn the chroma off. But pure black and white sets died with cathode ray tubes, and the last ones were cheap little portable things.

        1. Honest Abe was convinced for several years that my father controlled the tornado alarm on the first Wednesday of each month. (He might still be convinced because we've never told him otherwise, but I'm guessing someone at school has set him straight by now.)

    2. Was explaining to the Poissonnière just yesterday how many features of cars that are standard now (often due to streamlining supply chains or other desired efficiencies) often were options that cost extra money, sometimes only on luxury cars. She was surprised to learn none of my family’s cars had A/C until I was in something like 7th grade, and that a heater was optional when her grandparents were kids. Demonstrated the (manual) tilt/telescope wheel in the Subaru, which doesn’t quite have the charm of an old tilt wheel where the column stayed in place and the wheel tilted at a crazy angle. I forgot to mention electric windows, but if I ever get my F100 back on the road, she’ll discover that for herself. The manual choke, too…

      1. I constantly tell my kids they will never know the joy of replacing the head unit and speakers. I couldn't put in a new head unit in the Corolla even if I wanted to/needed to.

        1. Heh, did the head unit swap last summer when I bought the '06 Tucson. No CDs in that vehicle anymore, but I've got line in, USB, microSD, Bluetooth, AM/FM radio and CarPlay with a 7" touchscreen, it even plays video files if the transmission is in park. The speakers are still in good shape, though, so I won't replace those unless/until I blow them one or more of them out.

    1. Laird Field (lying just a few steps from the Cannon River) is a couple feet under water.

      Large parts of the east side of Spamtown are likewise submerged. (Red Cedar River)

      Meanwhile, we are catching a break from the heat. Forecast for only 100 today....

      1. My town is on the Watonwan River and there is flooding where it's never flooded before. It incredible how much water there is. I had over 11 inches of rain last week Monday through Saturday

    2. I took the girls to meet up with my inlaws in Lake Crystal last week and hand them over for a few days at grandma & grandpas. The rivers were so high. Then my inlaws drove up from Iowa last night to bring the girls home and are headed back right now, I hope they don't have any issues getting home

        1. Seconded. Friends and I camped down there a number of times… even celebrated a bachelor party with camping, drifting, swimming and lots (and lots) of beers. On the trip, we freaked out one of the noobs by telling him the damn was unstable and we should pray for dry weather. Storms rolled through that night and one thunderclap was so close it near scared that dude to death.

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