18 thoughts on “July 9, 2024: Offensive”

    1. Shows what happens when Joey Gallo and Michael Taylor aren't taking up two roster spots. But even Buxton and a few others have cut down on the strikeouts.

  1. Aquinas is playing in what might be his last baseball game ever tonight. Playoffs start next week but he'll be on a mission trip. Maybe if thet make the championship and he gets in that game, but that's not certain. I doubt he'll play next year.

    I knew it would end sometime, but it's feeling pretty heavy right now.

    1. I feel you.

      The Boy played Y-ball a couple times, but when it came to "real" baseball, my lovely wife vetoed it for some reason.

      Baseball is cliquey in our town, but I think it was mostly the time commitment. Which is ironic, because the Girl ended up playing a lot of soccer, including one year on a comp team where we had to drive 45 minutes each way for practice....

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