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Happy Birthday–September 25

Pat Malone (1902)
Phil Rizzuto (1917)
Johnny Sain (1917)
Sal Butera (1952)
Glenn Hubbard (1957)
Geno Petralli (1959)
Tony Womack (1969)
David Weathers (1969)
Oscar Munoz (1969)
Wil Nieves (1977)
Joel Pineiro (1978)
Rocco Baldelli (1981)
Vance Worley (1987)
Ben Rortvedt (1997)

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Happy Birthday–September 21

Tom Brown (1860)
Elmer Smith (1892)
Eldon Auker (1910)
Max Butcher (1910)
Joe Haynes (1917)
John McHale (1921)
Jerry Zimmerman (1934)
Jerry Fosnow (1940)
Sudden Sam McDowell (1942)
Aurelio Lopez (1948)
Danny Cox (1959)
Cecil Fielder (1963)
D. J. Dozier (1965)
Jason Christianson (1969)
Scott Spiezio (1972)
Doug Davis (1975)
Jeremy Jeffress (1987)

Joe Haynes played for the Twins franchise while it was in Washington for four years, then coached for three, then was with the team as executive vice-president through 1967, when he passed away from a heart attack.

John McHale was the general manager of the Tigers, the Braves, and the Expos.

 Better known for his football career, William Henry “D. J.” Dozier played in 25 games for the New York Mets in 1992.

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Happy Birthday–September 13

Mike McNally (1893)
Dutch Reuther (1893)
Pat Collins (1896)
Eddie Rommel (1897)
Rabbit Warstler (1903)
Thornton Lee (1906)
Ed Sudol (1920)
Rick Wise (1945)
Rick Dempsey (1949)
Jim Obradovich (1949)
Mike Fischlin (1955)
Erik Bennett (1968)
Bernie Williams (1968)
Denny Neagle (1968)
Brent Brede (1971)
Armando Rios (1971)
Daisuke Matsuzaka (1980)
Rickie Weeks (1982)
Marcus Walden (1988)
Andy Wilkins (1988)

Ed Sudol was a minor league first baseman from 1940-1953, never getting higher than AA.  He then became an umpire and was National League ump from 1957-1977.

I think eight is the most Twins we have born on one day.

We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to Papa Beau.

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Happy Birthday–September 11

Con Daily (1864)
James Dunn (1866)
Steve Brodie (1868)
Frank Kitson (1869)
Ellis Clary (1916)
Eddie Miksis (1926)
Luis Garcia (1929)
Jackie Hernandez (1940)
Larry Bearnarth (1941)
Dave Roberts (1944)
Larry Cox (1947)
Jeff Newman (1948)
Brad Lesley (1958)
Scott Patterson (1958)
Don Slaught (1958)
Ellis Burks (1964)
Quinn Mack (1965)
Eduardo Perez (1969)
Frank Francisco (1979)
Toby Gardenhire (1982)
Jacoby Ellsbury (1983)
Andrew Cashner (1986)
Mike Moustakas (1988)
Nik Turley (1989)

James Dunn was the owner of the Cleveland Indians from 1916-1922.

Infielder Ellis Clary was a scout for the Twins for over two decades.

Luis Garcia is a member of both the Venezuelan Hall of Fame and the Caribbean Hall of Fame.

Actor Scott Patterson, best known for his role on The Gilmore Girls, was a minor league pitcher for seven seasons, pitching 373 AAA innings but not reaching the majors. He was in the Yankees and Braves systems.

Brad "the Animal" Lesley was drafted by the Twins in the seventh round of the 1977 January draft, but did not sign.

Quinn Mack is Shane Mack’s brother and got 21 at-bats with Seattle in 1994.

Toby Gardenhire, of course, is the son of the former Twins’ manager.  He was a player in the Twins’ minor league system, reaching AAA, and is the manager of the St. Paul Saints.

We also want to wish a very happy birthday to Rhubarb_Runner.

Additionally, it seems appropriate on this day to mention former minor league players Marty Boryczewski, Ralph Scorca, Mike Weinberg, and Brent Woodall, all of whom were killed in the terrorist attacks of 2001.

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Happy Birthday–September 10

Barney Pelty (1880)
High Pockets Kelly (1895)
Sammy Hale (1896)
Ted Kluszewski (1924)
Roger Maris (1934)
Len Whitehouse (1957)
Randy Johnson (1963)
Riccardo Ingram (1966)
Danys Baez (1977)
Joey Votto (1983)
Anthony Swarzak (1985)
Neil Walker (1985)
Paul Goldschmidt (1987)

We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to the Philosofer's eldest child.

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Happy Birthday–September 9

Abner Dalrymple (1857)
Frank Chance (1876)
Dots Miller (1886)
Doc Johnston (1887)
Frankie Frisch (1898)
Waite Hoyt (1899)
Hugh Mulcahy (1913)
Jay Ward (1938)
Paul Roof (1942)
Jerry Mumphrey (1952)
Tom Foley (1959)
Alvin Davis (1960)
Jim Corsi (1961)
Todd Zeile (1965)
Joey Hamilton (1970)
Dan Miceli (1970)
Mike Hampton (1972)
Felix Rodriguez (1972)
Edwin Jackson (1983)
Kyle Davies (1983)
Alex Romero (1983)
Michael Bowden (1986)

Dots Miller’s given name was John.  He got the nickname “Dots” because when he first came up, a sportswriter asked teammate Honus Wagner who the new guy was.  Wagner, in his thick German accent, said, “Dot’s Miller.”

Hugh Mulcahy has one of the worst nicknames in the history of baseball.  In four seasons as a starting pitcher for the Phillies, he twice led the league in losses.  He went 45-89 for his career, leading to the nickname “Losing Pitcher Mulcahy”.

The brother of Phil Roof, Paul Roof was a pitcher for four seasons in the Braves’ system, never going higher than Class A.  He was actually on the Braves' major league roster as a September call-up in 1961, but did not appear in a game.

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Happy Birthday–September 5

Al Orth (1872)
Nap Lajoie (1874)
Lefty Leifield (1883)
Max Bishop (1899)
Merv Shea (1900)
Gene Bearden (1920)
Bill Mazeroski (1936)
Karl Kuehl (1937)
Tom Hallion (1956)
Candy Maldonado (1960)
Jeff Brantley (1963)
Jimmy Haynes (1972)
Rod Barajas (1975)
Randy Choate (1975)
Jason Hart (1977)
Chris Young (1983)

Karl Kuehl was a coach for the Twins from 1977-1982.  He was a minor league manager for several seasons and also managed the Montreal Expos in 1976.  His minor league managing career started in 1959, when he managed the Salem Senators in the Northwest League at age 21.

Tom Hallion has been a major league umpire from 1986-1999 and 2005-present.

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Happy Birthday–September 2

Al Spalding (1850)
Joe Heving (1900)
Monte Pearson (1908)
Marv Throneberry (1933)
Don Williams (1935)
Jerry Crider (1941)
Danny Goodwin (1953)
Rick Manning (1954)
Rex Hudler (1960)
Jeff Russell (1961)
Terry Jorgensen (1966)
Rich Aurilia (1971)
Jason Hammel (1982)
Ronald Torreyes (1992)
Aaron Whitefield (1996)

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to bjhess.

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Happy Birthday–August 23

George Davis (1870)
Guy Bush (1901)
Lonny Frey (1910)
Nels Potter (1911)
Carl Pohlad (1915)
Dale Mitchell (1921)
George Kell (1922)
Sherm Lollar (1924)
Harry Dalton (1928)
John Romano (1934)
Marty Martinez (1941)
Ron Blomberg (1948)
Jerry White (1952)
Mike Boddicker (1957)
Julio Franco (1958)
Randy St. Claire (1960)
Casey Blake (1973)
Mark Bellhorn (1974)
Mike Yastrzemski (1990)

Carl Pohlad, of course, was the owner of the Twins from 1984 until his death in 2009.

Harry Dalton was the general manager of the Baltimore Orioles, the California Angels, and the Milwaukee Brewers.

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