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Game 56: The Minnesotas vs. The Milwaukies

Whoa, I'm shocked I got this one in on time. I'm in Manchester for two weeks, so I likely can't follow the team. But, my rental car is a six speed diesel, so there's that.


Deduno (1-3, 3.86 ERA) vs. Gallardo (3-3,3.56 ERA)

Dedudes and his zoomy look to avenge Gibson from last night against the first place Brewers at the swampy confines of Miller Park.

I made it to England and I'm fairly surprised by how often I'm running across terminology differences that are giving me pause and making me have to think about communications. Truly two countries separated by a common language. I also did some driving around between the hotel and the airport (because the Apple maps gave me shoddy directions), and I'm struggling a bit to understand where the left side of the car is, so I've hit a couple of curves on left turns. I've also missed a couple of gears because my left hand refuses to do what my right hand does naturally. Starting today I should get to actually see some of this country instead of just the dumpster outside my hotel room window.