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FMD: Dylan’s Literature

This got some pretty good play yesterday, but I was very pleased to hear about Bob's Nobel. I'm an admitted fan of his music, but he's one of the few artists who I go out of my way to listen to the lyrics.

Provided you view this as a "musician" receiving the Nobel for Literature, which author do you think would (or does) make a great lyricist? If you're feeling ambitious, offer a sample of their work and maybe a hint to the genre/sound you imagine they'd be set to.

In the key of What Is And What Should Never Be - Led Zeppelin:

They crossed before the sun and vanished one by one
and reappeared again and they were black in the sun
and they rode out of that vanished sea like burnt phantoms
with the legs of the animals kicking up the spume that was not real

and they were lost in the sun and lost in the lake
and they shimmered and slurred together and separated again
and they augmented by planes in lurid avatars...
An Ambuscado by The Blood Meridians