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Stevie Wonder & Friends – Happy Birthday

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FMD – Dylan at 80

Bob Dylan turns 80 on Monday and what can one write that hasn't already been written? (That's my Dylan library in photo.) At 80 means that Dylan has gone from rebel to icon to joke to respected elder. It probably wasn't until my late 20s that I really started to get into Dylan's music, mostly those classic albums up through Blonde on Blonde and then later some of the latter albums. I've always had a meh relationship with the some 6-7 concerts I attended with Bob putting up ok but not stellar shows (including the concert at Northrop the night Obama was elected.) However, I was literally dragged to a show at the X in 2017 that I had zero expectations for that blew me away.

Also I have few degrees of separation with Bob Dylan. He and my mother lived 3 blocks apart in Duluth from 1943-47. I always wondered if their parents brought them to the same park or saw each other at a local store...

So Dylan is 80. No need to celebrate if you don't care to but I will pull some of the books off the shelf and read passages here and there. I'll put on an album or two, or maybe check out something I haven't heard for a long long time. (Self Portrait?)

Any Dylan memories, thoughts, arrows, on his 80th Birthday?

FMD – Happy Birthday Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan turns 78 today. Fun fact: Bobby Z is 2 years older than my mother and they were practically neighbors during his time in Duluth, living only 4 blocks apart. She doesn’t think she ever met him at the playground or on the street.

Whatever appreciative or benign feelings you have for Dylan you have to give him his due on how he changed popular music. There’s literally a library of books written about him, so I’m not going to add any more words to his legacy. Just maybe today pause and throw a Dylan song or two on whatever music listening device you have and raise a glass to a true musical genius. May his never ending tour be truly never ending.

FMD: 3/31/17 – Placeholder

paging free...

Started this, and then I realized Philo hadn't responded on until 11:30ish PM... so not on free.

Two items from me.

1: Old Crow Medicine Show will be at the renovated Palace Theatre in St. Paul on June 10. They're performing one of my favorite Dylan albums of all time, Blonde on Blonde, so that's nice.

2: Dylan himself has released his third album of standards recorded by Frank Sinatra. Rolling Stone seems to like it and I pretty much adore Dylan & Sinatra and think this concept is pretty fun:

Dylan moves through this area – the region of Sinatra, and also of standards songwriters like Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern, Hoagy Carmichael, Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein – as if it's territory for him to chart and command.

I know we've covered 'covers' here before, but feel free to rehash any you find particularly well done.

Drop Your Sword List.