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FMD: 5/3/19 – New Music

I feel like there has been a ton of new music coming my way lately. I see DK has even fortuitously selected for today's video one of the recent highlights I've had. I really appreciate this wave, especially since I'm starting my annual attempt at a summer mix.

I know we've talked new music before, but, hey, it's always a fresh topic by its nature, right?

I'm never quite sure what qualifies as "new" music. There's a lot of music that I've missed, so it's new to me. But sometimes lots of people missed it, and that makes it "new" to them too, and so if I'm starting to share it... does it qualify as new? There's also the other end of the spectrum, where you can pick up a song that has been dropped without an album yet. For example, I was listening to several songs from Alice Merton's Mint long before it was released. At this point, those songs are probably still new, but to me, they're starting to get old.

I always love being on the very front end. The flip side, I always feel a little foolish for being a late-comer.

I'm curious your thoughts on new music, how it makes you feel, how you keep up, etc.

And what new music is out there, or coming out, or maybe just "new to you" that you're looking forward to/enjoying/etc.?