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WGOM Fitness: Run For Your Life

I’ve had a nagging case of Achilles tendonitis for some time. High impact activities like running were strongly discouraged at the initial diagnosis. However, I’ve been staying off of it for a long time now, and though I admittedly could do a better job of daily stretching, I feel like I could conceivably try some light jogging again.

I tried biking for a little while. It was all right, especially out on the trails, but I think I’d need a much higher priced piece of hardware to enjoy it properly. Seems cheaper to invest in some decent running shoes with better support*. Also, some good insoles. And compression socks. And ankle braces. Going to have to start suiting up for battle to get a little exercise.

*On that topic, I want to invest in some shoes with better arch support and the like. I had always just used whatever cheap running shoe they had at Costco, but that likely helped lead to the injury. Any recommendations? A couple different places recommended these, but I’m open to suggestion (more likely to be used for light trail running, but not exclusively). I’d even entertain the notion of a custom job if it isn’t ridiculously expensive.