Game #18: Orioles 5, Twins 4

twins record: 6-12
time of game: 2:18
attendance: 13,824
yickits: 1
mlb wraps

well, sir, not a whole lot to write about this game. some positives, some negatives.

feathers in their caps!!!!!

  • backburn had a bad inning, but he turned it around for a decent performance and gave the `pen some rest. he retired 13 out of his 14 last batters, with his lone walk going to weiters in that stretch.
  • cuddyer had his first home run, and first RBI of the year (MVP! MVP! MVP!)
  • twins drew some 4 BBs tonight, which is equal to 10% of their 2011 total prior to tonight.
  • instead of rolling over after the o's early lead, the offense showed some signs of life and at least made some effort to get back in it. danny boy, the offensive hero of the night, went 2-4 with 3 RsBI (it looks like an advanced stat when you type it like that).

black eyes!!!

  • though the offense did show some signs of life, the assbattery was still abound. lots of infield groundouts, a couple of infield flies, 2 GIDPs, and a single line drive belonging to sweet valencia in the 8th.
  • tonight's loss ensures that the twins will still have yet to win a series this year.
  • in know it's SSST and all, but through tonight's game the twins are last in the AL, or second to last, in the following categories: runs, home runs, RsBI, total bases, walks (2nd), OBP, SLG, OPS, ISO, XBH, wRC, wRAA, wOBA, wRC+, WAR (2nd), and a bunch of other crap, i'm sure. oh yeah, and they've yet to score more than 5 runs in a game.
  • tolbert!!!(?)!

yeah, a lot of guys are hobbled, it's early in the season, etc., but this has been a frustrating team to watch. it is early, but the twins aren't doing themselves any favors (though thankfully the sox, losing their 7th in a row, are). still, no need to statfreak out yet. we're only 6.5 back, and that's to the indians who are *knocks on wood* screaming for some regression to the mean., so, [insert various baseball clichés] and let's go!


(since i'm filling in for meat, and even though i'm woefully unqualified, i'm going to try and recommend some) featured artgreen: the color and the cause

for today's "holiday", as well as the upcoming dirty hippie earth day, the color of the empty seats at camden yards, and for a general yearning for spring across much of the midwest, this seems like the perfect time to explore green as a color, symbol, and movement. on display at DC's textile museum through september.

Many cultures traditionally associate the color green with nature and its attributes, including life, fertility, and rebirth. In recent years, green has become the symbolic color of environmentalism. This exhibition celebrates green both as a color and a cause, exploring the techniques people have devised to create green textiles, the meanings this color has held in cultures across time and place, and the ways that contemporary artists and designers are responding to concerns about the environment.

Despite its ubiquity in nature, green was among the most elusive of hues in the textile arts until the invention of synthetic dyes in the nineteenth century. Textiles from the Museum’s permanent collection, created across the world over the last 1,700 years, illustrate a range of ingenious solutions for creating green fabrics. These historical textiles are juxtaposed with contemporary artworks, primarily chosen from over 1,000 pieces submitted by almost 300 artists through an international call for entries. The artists represent five continents, create in a variety of genres, and approach the concept of green from diverse points of view. Exploring themes such as sustainability, recycling, and the interconnectedness between humans and the natural world, these artists continue today’s “green” conversation by encouraging new ways of seeing, thinking about, and interacting with the environment and this evocative color.

lots of interesting stuff there spanning genres, material, and media. check it out, folks.


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31 thoughts on “Game #18: Orioles 5, Twins 4”

  1. What an entertaining recap for a decidedly unentertaining ballgame. I knew you had it in ya! Nicely done joe.

              1. Hmm, I could have sworn that my DePaula jersey has 5+i on the back. I'll get back to y'all tonight.

                1. crap. I mis-remembered. DePaula wore 51, not 5+i.
                  So there goes the only lead I had on any player with an imaginary or complex number.
                  Perhaps we could use induction...

  2. I missed most of the game, but it was really discouraging to turn on the top of the ninth, see the Twins down by a run, and have Holm and Tolbert leading off the ninth inning. I know there are injuries, and I'm not blaming anyone in particular, but it's depressing to have a chance to win in the ninth and have to start with two guys who have little chance of reaching base.

    1. i believe the bench was pretty much butera at that point, too. i will also choose not to blame anyone, and be depressed by those facts.

    2. Trust me Jeff, you didn't "miss" most of the game, you just didn't see it.

      One other positive was a game time of 2:18, which means yickit's suffering was not drawn out terribly.

  3. I was writing at the bar yesterday and they had the FSNorth feed, so I called mo chailín and said "Come eat here with me" So we did that and watched the Twins until they changed the big TV over to the Cards-Nats game. Later when Cooper came by with our tab, he said "Oh crap, dude, I totally didn't realized I changed the game on you." I just smiled and said "That's OK, you did me a favor."

  4. While it sucked to lose, I felt good about the way the Twins battled back. Blackburn had no luck in the big inning. First hit was an infield hit by Vlad, then a soft line drive for a hit when the batter was out in front of a changeup and hit it off the end of his bat and then a double on an emergency two-strike swing that barely stayed fair before the HR. If any of those three weak hits go for an out, then the O's only score four and maybe the Twins tie it up instead of lose by one. The only real mistake that Blackburn paid for was Wieters' homer. Even Vlad's HR was on a pitch down and in on the corner, which is a ground ball off the bat of most batters.

    Any team that regularly starts Tolbert, Casilla, Repko, and Butera/Holm and even both Thome and Kubel against lefties is going to struggle to score runs. There is hope that Morneau will be ready today.

            1. more from kelsie:

              Morneau not at ballpark this afternoon. He needed 2 more bags of IV fluids last night. He also had 3 bags of IV fluids on Monday

    1. [hoosiers slow clap video]

      Thanks hj for the stellar work. I like the featured color as it's my favorite.

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