21 thoughts on “Who wins tonight’s Game 7?”

  1. I'm conflicted over this question. Heartbreak for my neighbors, or Kyle Lohse / LNP / Tony LaR winning. I'm going for heartbreak.

      1. Or Cowboys with longest title drought in town? I would like this, even if it means that the Dallas Metroplex has had too much winning.

  2. Carpenter vs. Harrison tonight. I think it's the right call to go with Carpenter on short rest over Lohse and Jackson. At this point, I'd guess neither group of fans has any confidence in their bullpen, and it seems like STL's bullpen is legitimately shaky, so if Carpenter can't go 6 or 7, it could get tricky for St. Louis.

    One thing about last night's game: there were plenty of dumb, stupid errors, but no one freaked out about it. I was impressed by that. It was a pressure situation, but no one threw a Moises Alou hissy fit and let themselves get distracted by it.

    Should LaRussa go with a healthy Craig or slightly damaged Holliday? I have to believe Napoli will be less than 100%, given how hard he turned his ankle last night. It probably makes sense to put him out there over Joejessica and Mr. Misty May, but if he gets on base, he'll probably be clogging the bases.

    Cruz with a groin strain sounds like lots of space in right field to drop in singles.

      1. Did you see Cruz's play at the wall last night? I'm not sure a fully healthy Delmon makes a play that terrible.

        I always liked Cruz for whatever reason, but that play gave me pause.

        1. Cruz's play was eerily similar to about 5 balls that have escaped Cuddiier the past couple of seasons. I remember a Jose Guillen "triple" in 2010 that was especially awful.

          1. Yeah. When Cuddyer is praised for his great, versatile defense, I just want to scream at people to watch more games. Then again, DicknBert watch every game and they haven't even noticed that the low and away breaker eats up Cuddyer every time.

        2. I definitely think he misplayed it, and should have caught it, but it didn't seem quite as brutal as some of Delmon's greatest hits. Admittedly, Cruz has a pretty normal running stride, where as Delmon's stride is about 7".

          1. Delmon makes running look so hard, I'm not sure how to accurately compare him with other fielders. Cruz seemed to make it about five steps from his starting position on that play. I think a fully healthy Delmon might actually have made the play.

            1. Yeah, and if he wasn't going to get any closer than he did, leaping skyward and putting all of his momentum in the exact opposite of the right direction was the most boneheaded thing he could do. He tried to be Superman, when hanging back for the rickershay could possibly have saved a run.

              Delmon, on the other hand, seems to me like a terrible-looking fielder who actually makes a lot of plays. I never expect anything out of him, but he often comes up looking fine, if not really looking fine.

      1. You've gotta love the conspiracy theorists who think the Cardinals are bending the rules to get a fresh player on the roster. I'm pretty sure they'd prefer to have Holliday's .390+ wOBA in the lineup than whatever it is Adron Chambers may or may not bring to the table.

    1. there were plenty of dumb, stupid errors, but no one freaked out about it.

      Reminds me of that post-season game in Oakland where poor Brad Radke had to endure three early game errors; many people don't remember that the Twins won that game.

      1. people will always remember Josh Hamilton's game-winning HR from last night, just like his HR Derby win.

    2. I think it's the right call to go with Carpenter on short rest over Lohse and Jackson.

      Yes, this way LaRussa has them both available to pinch-bunt if necessary.

      1. I figured Jackson was in there to hit, but then (miraculously) Decalso and Jay made it on base, so he needed a bunter instead of a hitter. I could be wrong, thinking too much about what LaRussa is trying to do makes me feel a little gross.

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