168 thoughts on “2012 Game Logs: Game 49 Twins @ A’s”

  1. the Twins lead the AL in fielding DP's by 10 over the Blue Jays coming into this game.

    1. It's easy to get a lot of DPs when the opponents are getting a lot of runners on base.

  2. Anagram fun - Cole De Vries

    Decries Love
    Device Loser
    Covered Lies
    Iced Resolve
    Sled Over Ice

  3. Walking the guy hitting .156 does not seem like something the smartest pitcher in baseball would do.

      1. Hmm, didn't know that was going on. I'm sure a homerun will take care of that and the shutout pretty soon.

  4. Just got back from Another Bike Shop's group ride (don't tell my shop!). Kept up with the upper B's for most of the ride, then bonked with about a mile to go, weirdly so. When I got home and put my bike away, I found that the back brake had gotten stuck and had been applying pressure all that time - kak.

      1. Yeah, this guy kept coming back to stay with me so I could keep the route. He: Nice Guy. Me: Slug-bunt.

    1. DW: had the in-laws from A.L. here this last weekend. Low key, couldn't do too much due to knee problems - played cards - watched movies. Did you go to school in A.L.? FIL was asking.

  5. I find myself eagerly anticipating the radio commercials so I don't have to listen to Dazzle drone on about his playing days.

      1. I came in here almost specifically to Dothan, but then decided it was a bit too easy.

  6. Cole DeVries with "five pretty good innings" according to Bert. I imagine of Light Rail had tossed those same five innings, he would've absolutely destroyed him.

    1. Well, Baker wouldn't have kept the ball down, though. Or something. Blech, now I'm hearing Bert's voice in my head.

      1. We're supposed to get some nasty weathah tonite. I heard tornado warnings for Western Mass.

        1. I'm assuming this was for Greek, but I kind of like it below a comment on Bert's commentary.

  7. Beryl is coming! It's scheduled to hit Charleston at almost exactly the same time my class starts tomorrow. It's already dumping a bunch of rain on us and it's pretty windy out.

      1. That looks eerily like the ink on my shoulder...like, I'm having trouble figuring out how you got the pencil from my artist, eerie.

          1. Most excellent, thanks for the link. My guy does have his MFA so it's entirely possible that the piece we developed was influenced by Mr. Ruscha, though mine's not nearly so spectral.

    1. Fun fact. Not all world class athletes are good at tennis. In fact, some of them are downright terrible.


      1. I'm not bald, I'm a decent athlete and I am very not good at tennis. That sport takes a lot of practice.

    1. It's not exactly a hitting duel, either. It's more like a battle of "who wants it less".

  8. Oakland with as many hits as errors. Clearly, they have no chance with their .040 winning percentage.

  9. I can only speak for myself, Dick, but I don't have a bone sticking out the side of my foot.

  10. On an unrelated note, the Spurs just brought down the house in the WCF.

  11. From Weather Underground: Overcast with thunderstorms and rain showers. Low of 68F. Winds from the SSW at 5 to 10 mph shifting to the West after midnight. Chance of rain 90% with rainfall amounts near 1.2 in. possible

    We've seen worse.

      1. I was about halfway home when Willingham walked off. Evidently the ass bats got lost somewhere near Norway Center, South Dakota.

  12. If this was instead a mildly successful game, we would have a chance at 90,000 comments. Have to wait until tomorrow I suppose.

    1. Not my first choice for a result for that PA, but I'll take it. Let's pinch hit Thome.


    1. That was actually pretty awesome - very conversational.

      Less "hell of a call" when you consider that Dick does the same thing just about every game, but still.

      1. Watching the replay's this morning, this was in regards to Dick saying that there has only been 1 walkoff HR at Target Field.

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