NFC Wild Card Game: Vikings @ Packers

I know football isn't hugely popular around here, but there might be some people who are watching the 'other' Minnesota sports game tonight.

Go AP! Go Joe Webb! Go Vikes!

166 thoughts on “NFC Wild Card Game: Vikings @ Packers”

  1. I wish everyone good luck. I barely remember what playoff football feels like but I know losing doesn't feel too good.

  2. Webb is going to make this interesting ugly.

    So, this is what Vikings fans have been asking for all year. "Couldn't be any worse than Ponder", indeed.

    1. heh.

      I think it may have been a good idea to bring him into the first Green Bay game because Ponder was absolutely atrocious. But full games just ain't gonna work.

      1. I'd agree with that. When the defense isn't ready for him, he makes weird things happen, but if you have to rely on his arm in any way...

        That game against Philadelphia whatever time that was (the one that pretty much ended Vick's career as a useful QB) was pretty great, though.

  3. with the Bungles losing and the Vikings going to lose, the Vikings dont get the tie break advantage when it comes to draft positioning because the Vikings had the tougher schedule.

  4. Hey, at least the Vikes managed to net positive passing yards in the first half. It was -6 close to the end of the half.

  5. It'll be funny after the game when Packer dudes will claim that no one gave them a chance to win tonight.

      1. thats why Al Micheals (knows all the arcane rules, great with down and distance, and will slyly drop in a gambling reference during gameplay) and Cris Collinsworth (picks up on everything. you can tell the guy does film work) are the best.

        1. i'll admit those two are probably being the least insufferable, actually kind of insightful PxP duo of any of the nat'l networks' sports coverages.

          1. they get stuck with 5th place AFC games on CBS, but Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts are pretty good.

    1. I think if they get him a couple of decent receivers, there's something there. Hopefully they're not in a position to get an elite QB anytime soon.

    1. Easterbrook wrote "game over" in his notebook.

      I always envision him as a sort of Jack Torrance - writing "Game Over" over and over and over again.

    1. It seems one of the plugins doesn't work well with WordPress 3.5.0, so I disabled it. Unfortunately, no more editing of comments.

  6. I think the bigger surprise is that Webb didnt sail that 15 feet over or worm burn it under the receiver.

  7. people scolded Pete Carroll earlier this year when they were blowing out some team and the backup QB came in and they were still passing the ball.

    this is why you get your backups some reps.

    also, have a decent backup option.

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