2014 Game 58: Milwaukee Brewers at Minnesota Twins

Goodness do I ever hate traffic... Anyway, let's go for the "sweep"!

Milwaukee Brewers vs. Minnesota Twins
(35-25)                                             (28-29)
Target Field
1 Twins Way
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
7:10 PM CT

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Milwaukee Brewers Starting Lineup
1. Segura, SS
2. Braun, RF
3. Lucroy, C
4. Gomez, CF
5. Ramirez, DH
6. Davis, LF
7. Gennett, 2B
8. Reynolds, 3B
9. Overbay, 1B

Minnesota Twins Starting Lineup
1. Santana, CF
2. Dozier, 2B
3. Mauer, 1B
4. Willingham, LF
5. Arcia, RF
6. Plouffe, DH
7. Nunez, 3B
8. Pinto, C
9. Escobar, ss

Probable Starting Pitchers
Wily Peralta
4-5, 2.73
Kevin John Correia
2-6, 5.87

118 thoughts on “2014 Game 58: Milwaukee Brewers at Minnesota Twins”

    1. I really appreciated the Red Helmets and Sansabelt pants.
      Why could no one wear stirrups though?

  1. #1 pick Nick Gordon is on the phone. He's a shortstop because it was his childhood dream to play the same position as Derek Jeter.

  2. Morris is in the booth and, like the last time he appeared on the broadcast, I'm enjoying him. I don't know what changed in his year(?) in Toronto, but his games of lawn-toss seem to be minimal. He even admitted to not minding the fact that the game is changing and players are more animated.

    1. He doesnt have to lobby to be in the HoF anymore, so now he can be relaxed.

  3. Twins OPS+, 2014 to date:
    Dozier 126
    Escobar 116
    Suzuki 113
    Plouffe 107
    Pinto 106
    Mauer 97

  4. so, with the Twins wearing the Baby Blues, do all the Brewers have shaggy facial hair?

    1. Huh?! That doesn't seem like the kind of thing they'd screw up, though things do get lost from script to production on commercials at times. Seriously...

  5. Good thing they moved the runner to third. Now would be a good time for Mauer to be Mauer. Instead of, you know, pussy Mauer.

      1. You're probably right it was directed at Mauer. My hope is it was directed at the Twins for that inning in general since it should be Dozier that should take the most blame for Escobar not scoring.

    1. Nick Burdi, RHP out of KY. Projects as a two pitch reliever according to mlb.com. Can hit triple digits though.

    1. rolled his ankle trying to advance to third on a missed bunt attempt by Plouffe.

  6. I lay down for a nap and I miss an Arcia grand salami, Arcia rolling his ankle, and Correia melting down after being in too long? Not sure if it was good or not.

    I woke up to watch them leave the tying run at 3rd and go ahead run at 2nd at least!!

    1. They seriously should have pulled Correia after that 3-run inning.
      Seemed to be the majority view where I sat.

  7. also on the bright side, having my second one of these. Refreshing! I'm not usually a big lager fan, but I really have been enjoying these lately. Maybe my hop taste buds have gotten tired?

    1. I can dig that. I'm on a hefe kick and have been for a few months. Of course, as I say this, I'm digging a 90 Minute from Dogfish head as we say this, but I swear I've been on a German hefe kick.

      1. We were really stupid at my friend's 25th birthday party. I'll never drink hefe again. Most people I know love it. I just cannot handle the smell or taste anymore.

    1. Burton actually has the second-best K rate of the relievers. Not that his rate is good. Unfortunately, it is the best of his numbers. #FreeBurdi

    1. Here's the photo.

      I'm in the black tee (HHT Euro Tour - Thanks again Algonad!) and blue hat.
      Then to my left: Corporate Auditor, My Boss, My Sorta-boss (she leads the department that I support).

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