17 thoughts on “USA-Portugal and others”

  1. Geez, AMR are you using some sort of actuary alchemy to get so many games scores correct?

    1. Most picks are 2-1 or 1-0.
      Occasional 2-0 or 3-1, I think.
      Wayyy off on this KOR-ALG game.

  2. I turned on KOR-ALG at about 14 minutes (well before the first goal).
    It sure looks like ALG has one more player, like there was an early redcard that the announcers aren't talking about.

    1. I was drinking the Belgian beer Busch copper lager in the first half. Switched up to my most American beer, my home brewed American Rye Ale. Clearly the difference maker.

        1. Maybe the positive will be that Klinsmann will now get Bradley the hell off the pitch late in the game going forward.

      1. But FIFA, and all its integrity, won't allow match fixing. I saw it on a commercial.

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