46 thoughts on “Game 74: Chicago at Twins”

  1. Okay, Hughes, you've given the White Sox enough of a chance now. You can get serious again.

  2. I like Provus, but to say that the White Sox are ahead because of two pitches is dumb. Yes, those are the two pitches that drove in the runs, but there were a lot of pitches before that which contributed.

    1. FOX Trax has shown that most of those close pitches have been balls. I think Gardy wanted to get some golf in before the flood comes.

    1. Twins have already made two outs on the paths today.
      Being ultra aggressive.

    1. I couldn't tell from Dazzle--was he afraid Mauer would take third if he threw home, or did he forget how many outs there were, or what happened?

      1. he wound up to throw and changed his mind. Looks like he still had a good grip. It doesn't make any sense. Even if he made a horrible throw, the worst that happens is Mauer at third with two outs.

  3. I've never understood why fake throws to the bases seem to bother announcers so much.

  4. Good thing there is an off day tomorrow. Suzuki may just stay in bed all day nursing bruises.

  5. Arcia in a 0-31 slump. I wonder what the longest non pitcher Twins streak is.

        1. He really smoked some balls the last couple days, at least two line drives to the first baseman for outs. He's looked better since having a couple days off.

  6. I understand why Perkins isn't in there, but I'm not all that comfortable with Burton.

    1. I wanted Burton to pitch because I didn't want Perkins to pitch four days in a row after he was out a couple days with a bad back. He probably shouldn't have pitched yesterday.

  7. Terry Steinbach showing that he's managerial material: he called Phil Hughes "Hughesy".

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