2014 Game 126: Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins – DAY GAME ALERT

Oy. If I didn't have the Hope Springs Eternal optimism of some of the other Citizens to buoy my spirits somewhat, I'd certainly have sunk into a deep despondency long ago. That said: Oy.

The hometown nine have managed a single win during this homestand after suffering their 10th (!) shutout of the season, and are in the midst of some ridiculous number of consecutive scoreless innings. But really, when you think about, there's... um, if you-- well, erm. Yeah.

A lot of Citizens in attendance today, so let's try not to harsh their mellows, eh? To do so, the Twins send Staff Ace Phil Hughes™ to the mound. However, the Wahoos counter with Kluber, who's been none too shabby himself. If you like low scoring affairs, good thing you're a Twins fan this has the makings of a duel.

Oh yeah, and no TV today.


Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins
(64-61)                                             (55-70)
Target Field
1 Twins Way
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
12:10 PM CT

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Probable Starting Pitchers
Corey Scott Kluber
13-6, 2.41
Philip Joseph Hughes
13-8, 3.76

28 thoughts on “2014 Game 126: Cleveland Indians vs. Minnesota Twins – DAY GAME ALERT”

    1. Was that a failed hit and run, or sumthing? Because my brain is having a hard time computing "Kurt Suzuki caught stealing" as a situation that was even possible to come about.

          1. somewhat apropos, who wins in a footrace: Suzuski or CCPP? Or can't the sundial measure that?

            1. I really never thought of Parmelee as all that slow. He's certainly a better OF than Arcia or Willingham. For a 1B/COF he seems to be of the not-slow variety. On the other hand, I never thought of Suzuki as all that slow for a catcher. He's not close to Mauer, but I never thought of him as a slug out there. I do think Parmelee would win pretty easily.

  1. A couple days back, I was mentioning that if Phil Hughes bumped up his K-rate just a smidge, while refusing to walk anyone, he'd be the first Twins player ever to qualify for the ERA title while striking out eight or more per nine innings and walking fewer than one.

    That statement was silly and obvious, because he'd be the first player from any team to do that. Cliff Lee came really close in 2010, but was 4 strikeouts short.

    Coincidentally, Hughes' start today fulfills both of my criteria. He's having a crazy, crazy season.

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