Game 41 Twins at White Sox 7:10pm.

Lets take a look at the AL Central Standings

Team W L GB

KCR 26 14 --

DET 25 17 2.0

MIN 23 17 3.0

CHW 18 20 7.0

CLE 17 23 9.0


We almost to Memorial Day and the Twins are still in the thick of the race. Thats awesome! Bonus action this weeks is that if the Twins sweep, they really put a world of hurt to the Pale Hosers, and thats always great.

Go Twins Go.

36 thoughts on “Game 41 Twins at White Sox 7:10pm.”

  1. Not to stomp on Jeff's toes, but down in the minor leagues Kennys Vargas seemed to have found his swing

    David Hall @DavidHallVP ·
    Kennys Vargas gets Bud Norris again, sends long three-run HR into Elizabeth River beyond RF. Rochester leads 7-0 in the second. #Orioles


    David Hall @DavidHallVP ·
    BTW, the Vargas homer was the first anyone here in the Norfolk press box has seen reach the river. Granted, it bounced. But that's far.

    1. He was 3 for 4 in his first game in Rochester. There was nothing wrong with his swing.

    1. Mauer is a career ~75% base stealer.

      That was Mauer's 47th career stolen base. Mike Cuddyer had 52 in a Twins uniform.

  2. Im not a big fan of the Twins recent thing of score some runs early then the bat go silent.

  3. Abreu stepped on the ball while running to first base. Cant recall the last time I saw something like that.

  4. LeBron in Magic Johnson mode. Lordy. Thanks for playing, ATL. Please accept your parting gift. These are the first meaningful minutes of the ECP I've watched this year. I've watched hours (and hours) of the Western Conference tilts, tho.

    (Wait...where am I?)

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