Game 154: twins @ MUST WIN GAME

We can say that, right? They don't exactly have to win out in order to keep in the race, but damn near. They've committed the cardinal sin of allowing two teams to separate them from that second wild card spot. The Astros might fall apart, but they might not, and the idea of the Scoscias sneaking in there appalls me (okay, the idea of watching a lot of games with Mike Trout where I'm not rooting for him to fail does make me a little happy).

Luckily, that margin is still pretty small. The Twins could do themselves a huge favor by winning tonight. The Astros already won today, so at best, they'll be merely keeping pace, but they could theoretically retake the Scoscias, and that's roughly 1/3 of what matters.

Attempting to defend the Twins' honor tonight will be Tyler Duffey, who's been a very pleasant surprise since joining the major league rotation. There's been debate over whether or not he'll be able keep it up, but hopefully, even if his carriage is a pumpkin, he'll be able to freeze the clock's hands at 11:55 for a little while longer.

Possibly/Probably the Last Twins on Leaderboards of the Season

Games Played - Mauer - 150 (t-10th)
At Bats - Dozier - 595 (5th)
Plate Appearances - Dozier - 668 (3rd)
Runs Scored - Dozier - 99 (3rd)
Doubles - Dozier - 37 (t-5th)
Triples - Rosario - 15 (1st)
Strikeouts - Dozier - 143 (8th)
Extra Base Hits - Dozier - 69 (t-5th)
Sacrifices - Santana - 7 (t-7th)
Intentional Walks - Mauer - 12 (5th)
Double Plays - Plouffe - 27 (1st)
Double Plays - Mauer - 20 (t-8th)
Stolen Base % -Hicks - 80% (6th)
Outs Made - Dozier - 470 (1st)
Power/Speed - Dozier - 15.8 (8th)

BB/9 - Hughes - 0.93 (1st)
Saves - Perkins - 32 (t-6th)
Games Started - Gibson - 31 (t-5th)
Home Runs Allowed - Hughes - 29 (t-1st)
Walks - Gibson - 63 - (9th)
Hits Allowed - Pelfrey - 192 (t-7th)
Strikeouts per Walk - Hughes - 5.875 (2nd)
HR/9 - Pelfrey - 0.607 (2nd)
Losses - GIbson - 11 (t-9th)
Hit By Pitch - Pelfrey - 12 (t-2nd)
Games Finished - Perkins - 45 (9th)

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    1. It's pretty bizarre what he's doing with the DPs. I think it's getting in his head now. His previous career high was 12, done last year. I was going to blame it on batting more directly behind Mauer and Sano, two high on-base guys with little speed, but it's his GDP percentage that's gone way up. The previous 4 seasons, his GDP percentages were 10, 10, 11, 10 and now this year it is at 23. And yet his GB/FB ratio and in play percentage has remained exactly the same. Basically, he's just really had bad luck.

  1. Former Twins Great Pat Mahomes has a son who is the quarterback of Texas Tech. He has his team leading the #2 ranked team in the country.

  2. On the Grill tonight: burgers. It's still too hot out to go start the grill, but I'm gonna chop up some bacon to mix in with the 80-20 (actually, more like 75-25, the cheap bastards).

    down the hatch: a Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest.

    WTF, Hicks?

    1. Velveta shells and Cheese whenever Caleb falls asleep. Probably chase or down with a Surly Axe Man, which Linds got me for my birthday. It's very, very good.

  3. David Freese with a walkoff homer, so no changes in standings except there's one less day left in the season. However, Angels closer Huston Street had to be helped off the field with an apparent knee injury. They already are missing their top setup man.

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