34 thoughts on “Thursday Sport Spectacular!”

        1. I'm enjoying it immensely. Mine had a huge head when I first poured (yes, I know how to pour, just in case you're entertaining that possibility), significantly more than described on BA. Very smooth for the bitterness that is coming through. A bit dry at the end. I feel like I'm getting a little citrus (?), which I don't usually enjoy in beer, but whatever it actually is, it's working for me here. I love the idea of limited release beers, and my palate isn't super developed, but I am enjoying it quite a bit. Humberto the Amazing Sandwich didn't like it, which is why she gifted it to me. So take that for what it's worth.

  1. Thomas Vanek scored another goal tonight giving him 7 so far this year. He had 21 last year.

  2. MLB is announcing the Silver Slugger awards. Bumgarner just won the pitcher award. He finished the season with an OPS of .743. He hit five home runs and only one sacrifice hit.

    1. I've had NBA League Pass for just a couple of days and already I'm blacked out...sigh. I'll catch it after it's archived, a little bit after the game ends.

      I am instead watching the Wolves-Bulls game.

    1. Bazz and KMart both miss layups to pull within 3. I expect that to be the high-water mark.

  3. I'm a little concerned at the number of games the Wild win that rely on Dubnyk being all-out amazing.

    The fact that the "rely on Dubnyk" strategy works so often is pretty nice.

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