Game 54. Twins hosting Rays. 7:10pm.

*Weather delay pending

I hope baseball-reference updates Twins All Star Robbie Grossman's profile pic. Right now it shows him in a Clevelander hat and thats not right.


Ricky Nolasco starts for the locals tonight. Yeah, he's been not good but at least he has been striking out people! ( 53k in 58 innings = 8.2 k/9)

The Twins have been bad, but at least they haven't done this feat (yet!).

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  1. The kids starting lineup before the game was hilarious. They chose a four year old ham as the pitcher, and he proceeded to run around kicking up dirt everywhere to completely ruin the mound. Once the team came out, he wouldn't leave to let Nolasco warm up. Finally, TC walked out, put him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, and walked off.

  2. Seems odd that Molitor decides to keep Mauer in the 2 hole when Sano is out, especially when Grossman gives him a decent option for 1 or 2 since he's a switch hitter with decent career OBP and contact rates.

    1. So of course the Twins' "No. 3" hitter gets three pitches basically down the middle, fouls off 2 of them and swings and misses at the other. Oy.

    1. Second-fastest time on a triple this season at 10.69 seconds. Billy Hamilton was 0.03 seconds faster while running from the left-handed batters box. Plus, Buxton really didn't have to sprint his hardest at the end because it wasn't a close play.

  3. Buxton triples in person are cool. The entire crowd gets excited wondering where he'll stop.

      1. 4 game hit streak!
        1 double, 1 triple, 2 singles

        *edit* its actually 5 he had a hit before he got sent down.

    1. Dude already has 5 no decisions this season. Sure would have liked to see a clean inning there, or a few more runs of support. Hate to see the 1-6 w/ RISP.

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