Game 68: Birthday Party vs….baseball?

The little one's birthday was yesterday, and his birthday party is today. Therefore, this is the game log you're getting. Although, in compete fairness, with the ugly way the team has been playing, and the even uglier way that the team has been run (training staff, personel decisions, etc) it's pretty unlikely that I would've put much more effort into it, anyway.

Nolasco takes on Pineda. If that sounds line a recipe for a good game...then your standards are probably in need of some calibration.

If I do happen to get any time to watch sports today, it'll be the US Open.

26 thoughts on “Game 68: Birthday Party vs….baseball?”

  1. It's too bad there wasn't a left handed slugger on the bench to pinch hit against a very tough right handed reliever.

  2. On the radio postgame, Molitor said one of the factors in pulling Boshers and bringing in Jepsen was the Boshers was pitching for the third consecutive day. Well, who's brilliant idea was it to use him Friday night in a blowout?

    A couple of us pointed out that pulling Dean that early Friday meant he was going to burn up four or five relievers in a game that the Twins were likely to lose anyway. And while it's fun to say "I told you so", it's not like this was some genius insight. Anyone with basic knowledge of how a baseball season works knows that you can't just manage for today's game--you have to keep an eye on tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. Molitor didn't do that basic thing Friday night, and it contributed to the Twins losing a game Saturday.

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