May 12, 2017: Stupid Internal Clock

I'm off for two weeks while writing this show. No matter what time I go to sleep, I'm getting up between 5:30 and 6:30. Which is particularly odd since I never HAVE to be up in that window.

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  1. I don't even care if this doesn't hold up:

    1. The franchise record for RBIs in a season is 140 by Killebrew in 1969, which was the year he also hit a franchise-record 49 home runs for the second time.

  2. I read this in Posnanski (who was quoting Gleeman), updated through last night:
    2017 Twins: 17-14 (May 11th)
    2016 Twins: 17-40 (June 7th)

    1. I wish comparisons were made to 2015 and not 2016. I don't feel wonderful comparing to that atrocity. Matter of fact, we should have the standings for all the seasons since Joe was promoted.

  3. The jalapeno requested some help this morning with a rather unusual sports-themed t-shirt:

    'Spoiler' SelectShow

    It's not as cool as Jeff A's half-and-half shirt, but it'll have to do the job for now.

    1. I was just about to put up a placeholder post, but if you've got some content, by all means, take it.

      1. Jeter: Hey, kid, catch.

        Jeter: [tosses Gatorade bottle in extreme slow motion]

        Kid: [smiles broadly]

        Gatorade Bottle: [sails over kid's head]

        Slow Fade to Fin Panel: "#E6ELLENCE"

  4. Hey, Effectively Wild answered one of my questions on Wednesday. I'm practically famous!

    1. I heard the name and wondered if it was the right Beau. Not that I remember which question it was now.

      1. How high of a percentage of all plate appearances would have to end in a three true outcome before you guys would see the game as broken?

  5. 2017 AL Leaderboard, Sano Edition:

    BA: 12th (.304)
    OBP: 1st (.441)
    SLG: 4th (.667)
    OPS: 2nd (1.108)
    OPS+: 2nd (.205)
    WAR: 10th (1.8)
    Offensive WAR: 2nd (2.0)
    Runs: 3rd (24)
    RBI: 2nd (29)
    BOB: 2nd (25)

    With a little work, this guy could be good.

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